Brooklyn Superbas

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Officially known as: Ned Hanlon's Superbas or Brooklyn Superbas (1899-1910, 13)

Ballparks: Washington Park III (April 30, 1898-October 5, 1912)

Between the years 1883 and 1931, the Dodgers were known as the Brooklyn Base Ball Association or the Brooklyn Club for short. During this time the press would refer to the team by various names. The press dubbed the team "Ned Hanlon's Superbas" after the Vaudeville Troupe "Hanlon's Superbas". The name would apply to the team even after Ned Hanlon left the team in 1905. The first two years with Hanlon as manager, the team would win the pennant. In 1900, the Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph donated a trophy to be awarded between the Superbas and the Pittsburgh Pirates. As with the Temple Cup the Pirates did not win the championship, losing the Superbas 3 games to 1. Six years after Hanlon left the team, the team was redubbed the Brooklyn Dodgers. The "Superbas" name was used one more time 1913, after which the press took to calling the team the Brooklyn Robins. The last surviving Superbas player was Leo Callahan, who died in 1982.


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