Brooklyn Grays

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Brooklyn Grays: (1883, 1885-1887)

Ballparks: Washington Park I (May 12, 1883-May 4, 1889) (2,000), Ridgewood Park (May 2, 1886-October 6, 1889 Sun.),

Their were two discrete teams to play under the Brooklyn Grays moniker. The first team was formed during the winter of 1882 by editor George Taylor of the New York Herald. With financial backing from Charlie Byrne, Joe Doyle and Ferdinand Abell, Taylor was able to put a team together in time for the 1883 season. The team applied for membership in the Interstate Association on January 16, 1883, and were admitted on March 31st. In their only season in the I.A. the team produced a 40-28 record and won the league pennant. On November 24th the team was admitted into the American Association for the 1884 season; that team is listed under the name Brooklyn Atlantics.

The Brooklyn Grays were also in the 1884 Eastern League. They entered the league July 13th and were expelled July 16th. They had a record of 0-2. The manager was surnamed Endler.

The American Association team would be renamed the Grays starting in 1885. In addition to being known as the Grays, the press would refer to the team as the Church City Nines as Brooklyn was known as the "City of Churches". Other times, the team was called the Brooklyn Kings. It should be pointed out that no player from the 1885 and the 1886 teams have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Prior to the start of the 1888 season, the press renamed the team the "Brooklyn Bridegrooms" due to four of the team's star players getting married.

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