Baseball Think Factory

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Baseball Think Factory is a popular baseball website.

Notable features include its "Hall of Fame Gizmo," a running tally of Hall of Fame votes that writers have submitted prior to the official election announcement and which has proved to be an excellent predictive tool and the "Hall of Merit," an alternative Hall of Fame vote. One of its principal feature is the "Baseball Newsstand", which proposes links to a very diverse selection of articles on baseball topics, and which provides a space for discussion of these articles. The idea is that these discussions are for the "thinking fan", preferably those with a sabermetric bent.

It was founded as The Baseball Primer in the early 2000s by Baseball Reference founder Sean Forman and Jim Furtado. The name was changed around 2003 to avoid confusion with the competing Baseball Prospectus, but the site has retained a thinking monkey (a primate) as a logo since those early days. Dan Szymborski, the inventor of ZiPS, is a contributor.