AZL Red Sox/Mariners

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The AZL Red Sox/Mariners were the only team with a losing record in the first season of the Arizona League in 1988. The co-op team was fielded with little cooperation between the Red Sox and Mariners. Seattle's players would play one day, and Boston's the next. Each side wore its own uniforms and each only suited up about 12 players. Each "team" had its own manager even - Verdi for the Red Sox and Pines for the Mariners. They were outscored 511-298 and they had no All-Stars.

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Utility man Alex Delgado led the "team" with 39 hits, 10 2B, 22 RBI, and a .351 BA (he had an OBP around .418 OBP and slugged .441). UT Doug Davis (.220/~.292/.415) and UT Jose Zambrano (.313/~.346/.485) had 4 HR, and SS Boneel Chevalier (.319/~.369/.354) had 12 SB. Daniel Saldana (2-2, 2.39) did rank second in the AZL in ERA.

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