1934 Newark Dodgers

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1934 Newark Dodgers / Franchise: Newark Dodgers / BR page[edit]

Record: 17-14-1, Finished 4th in Negro National League (1934 NNL)

Managed by Dick Lundy

Ballpark: General Electric Field

History, Comments, Contributions[edit]

The 1934 Newark Dodgers were a new team for the NNL and did a solid job, going over .500.

The team was loaded on offense, hitting .330/.388/.431 to lead the league in all three areas; one presumes they had a hitter-friendly park with numbers like that. LF Buddy Burbage (.438/.512/.607, 176 OPS+, 37 R in 30 G) led the league in average and OBP, beating out Pittsburgh star Josh Gibson. Also over .400 were 20-year-old future Hall-of-Famer Ray Dandridge at 3B (.432/.464/.602, 162 OPS+) and RF Bert Johnson (.417/.457/.610, 160 OPS+, 34 RBI in 33 G). CF Paul Arnold (.327/.410/.411, 103 OPS+), C Johnny Hayes (.308/.333/.410, 83 OPS+) and SS Subby Byas (.313/.353/.385, 82 OPS+) were all over .300, but the latter two had an OPS+ under 85, as indicated. Rounding out the regulars were 2B Earl Davis (.288/.364/.322, 70 OPS+) and 1B Jim Starks (.266/.343/.330, 67 OPS+). Player-manager Dick Lundy (.286/.362/.381, 84 OPS+) backed up at short while backup catcher Frank McCoy hit .349/.391/.442 for a 106 OPS+.

The team ERA was 6.00, the other end of the coin if the park was so hitter-friendly. Alonza Bailey (3-2, 4.34, 107 ERA+) led the staff, which also got regular appearances from Bob Evans (4-7, 6.08, 76 ERA+), Slim Vaughan (4-3, 7.49, 62 ERA+), George Britt (1-2, 5.18, 89 ERA+) and Roosevelt Owens (2-0, 5.55, 83 ERA+).

All stats listed are per the Seamheads database 1/27/2021

Awards and Honors[edit]