1932 Atlanta Black Crackers

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1932 Atlanta Black Crackers / Franchise: Atlanta Black Crackers[edit]

Record: 6-17, Finished 11th in Negro Southern League (1932 NSL)

Managed by ??

Ballpark: Ponce de Leon Park

History, Comments, Contributions[edit]

The 1932 Atlanta Black Crackers were the first major league team from Atlanta, GA. They finished last in the 1932 Negro Southern League. Box scores are only available for 11 of their 23 games they were only 1-10 in those games; they were 5-6 in their other contests so the available stats make the team look even worse than they are.

The team ERA+ in the 11 documented games was 58. In the 11 games with box scores, three hurlers pitched at least three contests: Lefty Robinson (0-2, 4.68, 77 ERA+), Lamar Potter (1-2, 4.98, 72 ERA+) and Roy Welmaker (0-2, 5.85, 61 ERA+). 18-year-old Welmaker would go on to a solid career. The OPS+ was even lower at 41; the top hitter was CF Hipolito Arenas (.355/.394/.452, 165 OPS+) Winding down his career was LF Ambrose Reid (1 for 13) while breaking in was SS Ormond Sampson (1 for 10), the first big leaguer from the Bahamas.

All stats listed are per the Seamheads database 2/19/2021