Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
200750San DiegoNLMajSDP1 of 11638974.546
200851San DiegoNLMajSDP1 of 11626399.389
200952San DiegoNLMajSDP1 of 11627587.463
201053San DiegoNLMajSDP1 of 21618972.553
201154San DiegoNLMajSDP1 of 11627191.438
201255San DiegoNLMajSDP1 of 11627686.469
201356San DiegoNLMajSDP1 of 11627686.469
201457San DiegoNLMajSDP1 of 11627785.475
201558San DiegoNLMajSDP1 of 3653233.492
201760ColoradoNLMajCOL1 of 21618774.540
201861ColoradoNLMajCOL1 of 11639172.558
201962ColoradoNLMajCOL1 of 11627191.438
202063ColoradoNLMajCOL1 of 1602634.433
202164ColoradoNLMajCOL1 of 11617487.460
202265ColoradoNLMajCOL1 of 11626894.420
202366ColoradoNLMajCOL1 of 116259103.364
16 Seasons239211241268.470

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