Yankee Fan

From BR Bullpen

The stereotypical Yankee Fan is much despised by the rest of the baseball world because of the remarkable sustained success of the New York Yankees over the last century. As a result, most Yankee fans have never had to suffer through a prolonged period of futility, which is normally the ritual that distinguishes true fans from so-called "bandwagon fans". The hostility also comes from the days when the Yankees seemed to sign every desirable free agent, at the expense of small market teams; fans of those teams did not like the way their teams were being looked upon as a quasi farm team whose principal aim was to develop future stars for the pinstriped bunch.

Both of these stereotypes were greatly exaggerated, as the Yankees have gone through some lean years, even if not as numerous as other teams, and they were far from the only team to grab free agents by dispensing overly generous pay checks.

The Yankee Fan is famous for the "Bronx Cheer".