Runs created

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Runs Created was developed by Bill James back in the late 1970's as a method to determine offensive performance.

The basic formula is base hits plus walks, multiplied by total bases; the result is then divided by at bats plus walks. The general format of the formula is times on base, multiplied by bases advanced, divided by opportunities.

James developed several different versions of the formula, the most well-known of these is the Technical version. The formula for this version is:

On Base = Hits + Walks + Hit Batsmen - Caught Stealing - Grounded into Double Plays

Bases Advanced = Total bases + .26 (Walks + Hit Batsmen - Intentional Walks) + .52 (Sac. Hits + Sac. Flies + Stolen Bases)

Opportunities = At bats + Walks + Hit Batsmen + Sac. Hits + Sac. Flies

James came up with an all-new version of the formula in the 1990's, which takes into account position in the lineup and other factors. He uses this formula to develop Win Shares.

Baseball Prospectus uses Runs Created as the basis for its metric, Equivalent Average (EqA).

All Time Runs Created Leaders
Span Player Total Notes
Career Babe Ruth 2910
Season Babe Ruth 243 1921