Rookie of the Year (movie)

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Rookie of the Year was a 1993 film starring Ian Thomas Nicholas, Gary Busey, and Daniel Stern. The plot revolves around a struggling little leaguer named Henry Rowengartner (Nicholas), who breaks his arm in a fall. After the arm heals, the tendons heal tight, giving Rowengartner a devastating fastball. He is discovered after catching an opponents' home run ball at Wrigley Field. When he throws it back, it travels back to the catcher from the bleachers. He is immediately signed and hailed as the savior of the long suffering Chicago Cubs.

Ultimately, Rowengartner finds out that being a professional baseball player is not all fun and games. The road trips are long and he is not readily accepted in the clubhouse as he is a boy in a man's world. He does, however, pitch the Cubs into the pennant race. In a the last game of the season, Rowengartner slips, lands on his shoulder, and suddenly loses his magic touch. The Cubs do win the division title and eventually the World Series title as well.

The movie features cameos by Bobby Bonilla, Pedro Guerrero, and Barry Bonds.

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