Robison Field

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Home of St. Louis Cardinals, 1892 to 1920

(also known as Vandeventer Lot, League Park, and New Sportsman's Park)

CAPACITY: 14,500 (1893); 21,000 (1909)

FIRST GAME: April 15, 1892, vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Cardinals 9, Pirates 3)

LAST GAME: June 6, 1920, vs. Chicago Cubs (Cardinals 5, Cubs 2)



Located on the former site of the St. Louis Maroons' Union Grounds, Robison Field was a wooden ballpark featuring tall iron columns, which were placed behind the stands in order not to interfere with the fans' view of the field. The park was variously called League Park, New Sportsman's Park, and Vandeventer Lot until the Robison brothers bought the Cardinals in 1899 and renamed the park.

Robison Field was struck by fire six times in its first ten years and was constantly being rebuilt. A fire during a 1898 game destroyed the grandstand, half of the bleachers, and a nearby saloon. Another blaze occurred during a game on May 4, 1901, but each time, the park was quickly rebuilt. Midway through the 1920 season, Cardinals owner Sam Breadon was forced to sell the stadium for financial reasons, and the Cardinals took up roost with the St. Louis Browns in Sportsman's Park. Beaumont High School today stands where Robison Field once was.

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