Peter van Parys

From BR Bullpen

Peter van Parys played in the First Division and for the Belgian national team.

First Division stats are first available online for 1988. He hit .242/.381/.305 for the champion Antwerp Royal Greys that year. The infielder fielded .896. In '89, he was 6 for 31 with 8 walks, fielding .895. In 1990, he hit .271/.444/.271, fielding .971. Moving to the Brasschaat Braves, he hit .236/.328/.291 and fielded .893 in 1991. The Braves would win the next six titles and he was there for all of them. In 1992, he was a backup, batting .213/.375/.234 and fielding .897.

In 1993, Peter produced at a .297/.381/.327 clip and fielded .915. Backing up Donald Vertommen and Serge Roofthooft in the 1993 European Championship, he was 0 for 2 for Belgium and had one assist. In 1994, he was back on the Braves' bench, going 9-for-41 with four walks. The next year, he hit .304/.450/.348 and fielded .957 followed by .286/.432/.343 and .917 in 1996. In his final season, he hit .229/.321/.292 and fielded .968 for Brasschaat. He did not hit a homer in the ten years for which stats are available.