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Biographical information[edit]

Pat Pieper served as the Chicago Cubs field (public address) announcer from 1916 to 1974, a span of 59 years. Coincidentally, his first year as announcer was also the first season in which Wrigley Field was used as the home park of the Cubs. He first used a PA system in 1932 - before that, he used a megaphone. As field announcer, he announced the lineups, who was up to bat, and so forth. He missed just 16 home games during his time with the Cubs - none after 1924, until he missed 2 games at the tail end of the 1974 season for a total of 18. After games, he'd serve as a waiter at night.[1]

Although he started as the field announcer in 1916, he had been employed by the Cubs since 1904. Originally, he served as a vendor at the West Side Grounds.

His trademark phrase at the beginning of each game was, "Attention! Attention, please! Have your pencils and scorecards ready, and I will give you the correct lineups for today's game."

Pieper died on October 22, 1974. In 1996, he was inducted into the Chicago Cubs Walk of Fame.

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