Manuel Olea

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  • Throws Right

Manuel Olea was 4-0 with a 0.64 ERA in four starts for the 1976 Guaymas Ostioneros. He completed all four games, at least one of which was extra innings as he worked 42 innings. He allowed only 21 hits and 7 walks while giving up 9 runs (3 earned). Despite his limited workload, he just made the Mexican Pacific League cut-off for the ERA leaderboard, leading by .41 over Alfonso Armenta. A player by the same name was on the Mexican national team in the 1979 Pan American Games; given the unusual last name, it seems likely it is the same individual even though a player with pro experience should not have appeared in the Pan American Games of that amateur-only era. It is known that Canada used players with pro experience in 1967, so it is possible that Olea (with four games as a pro) slipped through the cracks.

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