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The Left Fielder (abbreviated LF, and designated as position 7 in scorekeeping) plays on the left side of the outfield, usually between and behind the shortstop and third baseman. The left fielder typically has less range than the center fielder and a weaker arm than the right fielder, so left field is generally considered to be the least demanding outfield position.

Teams playing in parks with asymmetric outfields, specifically ones with much more space in left field than right field, have sometimes reversed this an put a fielder with the stronger arm in left field rather than right field. Some teams even treated the two positions as though one was the strong throwing fielder and the other was the weak throwing fielder and played them on whichever side was appropriate for the park where they were playing that day. Babe Ruth, for instance, was bounced from one side of the outfield to the other for most of his playing career with the New York Yankees.

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