Jimmy Wacker

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Charles James Wacker
(Demon Jimmy, The Demon Southpaw, or The Pride of Jeff)

  • Bats Left, Throws Left
  • Height 5' 9"

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Biographical Information[edit]

Having all but written his own ticket to the Bigs the previous year by going 27-8 to lead Punch Knoll's Evansville River Rats to the Central League pennant, the Pittsburgh Pirates' Jimmy Wacker made his major league debut on April 28, 1909, against the visiting St. Louis Cardinals. Despite allowing just a pair of unearned runs in that two-inning relief stint, Wacker never did appear in another big league game, spending the remainder of that season with the Milwaukee Brewers, a team which contended for the American Association pennant.

One unforeseen but, in retrospect, not surprising bi-product of Wacker's ill-fated year-long foray above the B level is that, in the years since his death, the increasingly obscure "Demon Jim" has come to be listed as "Charlie Wacker" in many in-print and almost all online resources. This, however, does not alter the fact that during his career, contemporary articles almost universally deferred to Wacker's evident middle-name preference, using either "James", "Jim" or, most frequently and famously, "Jimmy". It is perhaps not coincidental that the only significant departure from this trend occurs during 1909 and early 1910, during Wacker's relatively brief and undistinguished MLB and AA auditions, with none-the-wiser local writers presumably, and not unreasonably, employing his given name by default.

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