Dyersville, IA

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Dyersville is located in eastern Iowa, 20 miles east of Dubuque, IA.

The movie Field of Dreams was filmed here in 1988 (it was released the following summer), and the baseball field created for the shooting remains the town's principal tourist attraction.

The field was damaged by vandals in January 2018, but four nearby minor league teams pitched in to fix up the damage the following April, with their ground crews and front office employees donating time, alongside members of the Iowa Wesleyan College baseball team, to restore the site.

A major league game, the Field of Dreams Game, was scheduled to be played here on August 13, 2020, in a purpose-built temporary ballpark next to the field, but it was postponed by a year until August 12, 2021 due to complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic and its health and safety protocols. When it was played, it was the first major league game in the state of Iowa since the demise of the Keokuk Westerns in 1875. The experience was such as success that it was repeated in subsequent years.

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