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Robert Wells Marshall

Biographical Information[edit]

Bobby Marshall was best known for playing football; however, he also competed in baseball, track (college), boxing and ice hockey (semipro).

When he played baseball for the University of Minnesota, he also played first base for two years, 1904 and 1905, helping the University to win the Western Conference Championship in 1905.

Shortly after graduating from college, Marshall played third base for the Minneapolis "Lund-Lands" for one season in 1906. He played third base for one season for Lamoure, North Dakota helping the team win third place in a league of eight teams.

Outside of athletics, Marshall practiced law as an attorney in the law office of Mr. William H. H. Franklin, and later at the well-known firm of Nash and Armstrong.

Marshall left the law offices, spending many years back on the diamonds, playing semi-pro baseball for pre-Negro National Leagues. In 1908, he played utility for the Minneapolis Keystones, then moved to first base latter in the season. In 1909, he joined the St. Paul Colored Gophers. In 1910, he split the season between the Chicago Giants and the St. Paul Colored Gophers, appearing for and managing the Colored Gophers team occasionally until at least 1916. He also played for the All Nations in 1923.

Off the diamond, he played in the NFL from 1920-1924, one of the first two African-Americans in the NFL. He had previously been the first African-American in the Big Nine (later the Big Ten Conference).


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