Al Stump

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Al Stump

"The first book was a cover-up. I felt very bad about it. I felt I wasn't being a good newspaperman." - Al Stump, talking about publishing his second book about Cobb

Al Stump was a writer assigned to do a story on Ty Cobb late in Cobb's life in the early 1960s. He wrote a widely-read story which was later made into the movie Cobb (1994). Ty Cobb was played by Tommy Lee Jones while Stump was played by Robert Wuhl.

Stump's experiences with Cobb also resulted in a book co-authored with Cobb - My Life In Baseball: The True Record (1961) and decades later Stump wrote Cobb: A Biography, both of which were used in making the movie.

Stump also wrote about golf, basketball, and other sports.