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Run Support in Games Started

  • Total runs in Starts, Avg. is per 27 outs
Run Support in Games Started
Avg 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Other Game Totals
4.20101017133129105111, 11, 11, 12, 12 and 14 runs

Team Pitching Gamelog

Team Pitching Gamelog
Rk Gtm Date Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
11Mar 28@CINL,2-88.01088029219.00371288300303430000005Dan IassognaJ.Gray (99-22-L), R.Garcia (99), D.Floro (99), M.Barnes (99), T.Rainey (99)
22Mar 30@CINW,7-69.01066038207.41371399011223420000005CB BucknorP.Corbin (99-34), D.Law (99), J.Weems (99), H.Harvey (99-W), K.Finnegan (99-Sv)
33Mar 31@CINL,5-68.21466037207.01391439000113631000035Adam BeckJ.Irvin (99-43), R.Garcia (2), D.Floro (2-H), H.Harvey (0-H), K.Finnegan (0-BL)
44Apr 1PITL,4-89.01588069027.275020512442004060011005Andy FletcherM.Gore (99-50), D.Law (1), R.Garcia (0-L), M.Barnes (3), T.Rainey (3)
55Apr 3PITW,5-39.04330413106.39361599420003210000105Mike MuchlinskiT.Williams (99-57-W), R.Garcia (1-H), J.Weems (3-H), H.Harvey (2-H), K.Finnegan (2-Sv)
66Apr 4PITL,4-79.01177077106.494418210511003520102015Jansen ViscontiJ.Gray (6-25-L), D.Law (2), M.Barnes (2), T.Rainey (2), D.Floro (3)
77Apr 5PHIL,0-49.0944099006.13431549320113330001124Jonathan ParraP.Corbin (5-41-L), J.Weems (1), T.Rainey (0), M.Barnes (0)
88Apr 6PHIL,2-59.0955038105.99371509700213411100004Roberto OrtizJ.Irvin (5-50-L), D.Law (1), R.Garcia (2), D.Floro (1)
99Apr 7PHIW,3-29.05220310105.54321389400112900000014Alfonso MárquezM.Gore (5-55-W), J.Weems (1-H), H.Harvey (3-H), K.Finnegan (3-Sv)
1010Apr 8@SFGW,8-19.0611037005.08351419100003230000014Chris GuccioneT.Williams (4-56-W), D.Law (1), D.Floro (1), M.Barnes (2)
1111Apr 9@SFGW,5-39.01032156004.794116611110003400011016Brian KnightJ.Adon (99-51), R.Garcia (2), J.Weems (1-BW), D.Floro (0-H), H.Harvey (1-H), K.Finnegan (1-Sv)
1212Apr 10@SFGL,1-78.01277003005.03341117221313311001003Gabe MoralesP.Corbin (4-21-L), D.Law (1), T.Rainey (4)
1313Apr 12@OAKL,1-29.13211310104.70351308410103200100105John LibkaJ.Irvin (5-69), J.Weems (2), R.Garcia (2), H.Harvey (2), K.Finnegan (2-L)
1414Apr 13@OAKW,3-19.08110218004.433615610530203410000016James HoyeM.Gore (5-69-W), D.Law (2-H), R.Garcia (0-H), J.Weems (0-H), H.Harvey (0-H), K.Finnegan (0-Sv)
1515Apr 14@OAKL,6-78.01177059004.64371539555003220000025Rob DrakeT.Williams (5-50), D.Law (0-L), J.Weems (0-BSv), D.Floro (4), M.Barnes (5)
1616Apr 15@LADW,6-49.0943109004.533716210620103420002005Ramon De JesusM.Parker (99-55-W), M.Barnes (0), D.Floro (0-H), H.Harvey (1-H), K.Finnegan (1-Sv)
1717Apr 16@LADL,2-68.01366058104.65391388421013430100013Adrian JohnsonP.Corbin (5-36-L), D.Law (1), T.Rainey (5)
1818Apr 17@LADW,2-09.0500029004.39331188410103120000014Derek ThomasJ.Irvin (4-69-W), R.Garcia (3-H), H.Harvey (1-H), K.Finnegan (1-Sv)
1919Apr 19HOUL,3-59.01355025004.424017311331503730001016Cory BlaserM.Gore (5-39-L), R.Garcia (1), D.Law (2), D.Floro (3), M.Barnes (3), T.Rainey (2)
2020Apr 20HOUW,5-410.01044026004.373915410021103600001016Manny GonzalezT.Williams (5-66), R.Garcia (0-BSv), H.Harvey (2), J.Weems (5), T.Rainey (0), K.Finnegan (2-W)
2121Apr 21HOUW,6-09.0400009004.1631987400003100000003Nate TomlinsonM.Parker (5-79-W), D.Floro (1), M.Barnes (1)
2222Apr 23LADL,1-49.0944064104.154116910141203520000016David RackleyP.Corbin (6-62), D.Law (3-BSv), J.Weems (2), H.Harvey (2-L), J.Barnes (99), M.Barnes (1)
2323Apr 24LADL,2-119.0201111036104.464918412310004680000015Larry VanoverJ.Irvin (6-18-L), D.Law (0), D.Floro (2), T.Rainey (3), M.Barnes (0)
2424Apr 25LADL,1-29.0922037104.353515810000103220000034Brian WalshM.Gore (5-56-L), J.Barnes (1), J.Weems (1), K.Finnegan (4)
2525Apr 26@MIAW,3-19.0611028004.22331278100103100000004Jeremie RehakT.Williams (5-52), D.Law (1-W), H.Harvey (2-H), K.Finnegan (0-Sv)
2626Apr 27@MIAW,11-49.01344024104.214015310300103811000025Clint VondrakM.Parker (5-46), J.Barnes (1-W), D.Floro (2), M.Barnes (2), T.Rainey (2)
2727Apr 28@MIAW,12-99.01296358104.284317810710003832000015Mark WegnerP.Corbin (4-26), D.Law (1-W), J.Weems (2-H), H.Harvey (1-H), K.Finnegan (1-Sv)
2828Apr 29@MIAW,7-29.0422005104.19311117700003110000003Tom HanahanJ.Irvin (4-59-W), D.Floro (1), M.Barnes (1)
2929Apr 30@TEXL,1-78.010770210214.31391539500103611000104Ryan BlakneyM.Gore (4-55-L), J.Weems (1), J.Barnes (2), T.Rainey (2)
May Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
3030May 1@TEXW,1-09.0600069004.16381418410003200000015Edwin JimenezT.Williams (4-56-W), D.Law (2-H), D.Floro (1-H), H.Harvey (2-H), K.Finnegan (2-Sv)
3131May 2@TEXL,0-68.0966038004.24361318820103330000004Jim WolfM.Parker (4-47-L), J.Barnes (1), J.Weems (1), M.Barnes (2)
3232May 3TORW,9-39.0733026004.20371319000103341011104Rob DrakeP.Corbin (4-49), J.Barnes (0-W), H.Harvey (1-H), D.Floro (1)
3333May 4TORL,3-69.0962439104.134217210900003910000214Jonathan ParraJ.Irvin (4-52-L), J.Weems (1), D.Law (2), T.Rainey (3)
3434May 5TORW,11-89.01083566104.104417911042303720001217John LibkaM.Gore (4-33), J.Barnes (1), J.Weems (0-H), D.Law (0-BSv), D.Floro (1), H.Harvey (1-W), K.Finnegan (3-Sv)
3535May 7BALW,3-09.03000012003.98311278700103100000105Alex TosiT.Williams (5-71-W), R.Garcia (16-H), D.Law (1-H), H.Harvey (1-H), K.Finnegan (1-Sv)
3636May 8BALL,6-712.010743211313.944516811511014020011028Dan BellinoM.Parker (5-53), D.Law (0), R.Garcia (0), J.Barnes (2), D.Floro (2), K.Finnegan (0), H.Harvey (0), J.Weems (2-L)
3737May 10@BOSW,5-19.0911059003.86391569630003430000016Chris ConroyP.Corbin (6-52-W), D.Law (1-H), R.Garcia (1-H), H.Harvey (1-H), D.Floro (1-H), J.Barnes (1)
3838May 11@BOSL,2-48.0644017103.88321218700103120100102Brennan MillerJ.Irvin (6-67), R.Garcia (0-L)
3939May 12@BOSL,2-38.07321211003.84341338800103230000103Brian O'NoraM.Gore (6-57-L), D.Law (1), D.Floro (1)
4040May 14(1)@CHWW,6-39.0831224103.77351478900003210001135Nestor CejaT.Williams (6-52), R.Garcia (2), D.Law (1-W), H.Harvey (3-H), K.Finnegan (5-Sv)
4141May 14(2)@CHWL,0-48.0744035203.78311177130212810000024Cory BlaserM.Parker (5-46-L), J.Weems (5), J.Barnes (3), J.Rutledge (99)
4242May 15@CHWL,0-28.0922021003.75321077221203020000014Manny GonzalezP.Corbin (4-47-L), D.Law (0), D.Floro (2), R.Garcia (0)
4343May 17@PHIL,2-48.0544014023.77321318200002920000003John TumpaneJ.Irvin (5-42-L), J.Barnes (2), J.Weems (2)
4444May 18@PHIL,3-49.2743144203.74391428730103400101125Marvin HudsonM.Gore (5-59), D.Floro (2), R.Garcia (2), H.Harvey (3), K.Finnegan (3-BL)
4545May 19@PHIL,5-118.0121111066103.924116710233103330002016Nick MahrleyT.Williams (4-43), J.Barnes (1-L), R.Garcia (0), J.Weems (1), D.Law (3), T.Rainey (14)
4646May 20MINW,12-39.0833028103.90361278700003410000003Ramon De JesusM.Parker (5-52-W), D.Law (0), D.Floro (1)
4747May 21MINL,0-109.0101010044424.03411508600203511000023Adrian JohnsonP.Corbin (5-22-L), J.Barnes (1), T.Rainey (1)
4848May 22MINL,2-39.0733009214.01351268720103410000003Junior ValentineJ.Irvin (4-61-L), R.Garcia (2), H.Harvey (3)
4949May 24SEAW,6-19.05110110103.94331208100203200000003Alex TosiM.Gore (5-72-W), H.Harvey (1), D.Floro (3)
5050May 25SEAW,3-19.05110012113.88331459710003210000005Dan BellinoT.Williams (5-61), R.Garcia (2), D.Floro (0-W), H.Harvey (0-H), K.Finnegan (6-Sv)
5151May 26SEAL,5-99.01098136213.97411408910213720000004Tony RandazzoP.Corbin (4-52), J.Barnes (4), D.Floro (0-BL), J.Weems (6)
5252May 27@ATLW,8-49.08440210103.973614710400103410000014Lance BarksdaleM.Parker (6-57-W), D.Law (6), H.Harvey (1), K.Finnegan (1)
5353May 28@ATLL,0-28.05220312103.94301328500002610001013Nic LentzJ.Irvin (5-76), J.Barnes (1-L), D.Law (0)
5454May 29@ATLW,7-29.08211013003.88351479931003530000015Will LittleM.Gore (4-60-W), D.Floro (2-H), R.Garcia (3-H), H.Harvey (1-H), J.Weems (2)
5555May 30@ATLW,3-19.0511038003.83351449010103121001005Quinn WolcottT.Williams (4-59-W), D.Floro (0-H), R.Garcia (0-H), H.Harvey (0-H), K.Finnegan (2-Sv)
5656May 31@CLEL,1-78.0977065103.89381388433103110110004Bill MillerP.Corbin (4-54-L), J.Barnes (2), R.Garcia (0), J.Weems (1)
Jun Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
5757Jun 1@CLEL,2-38.0533057013.89351378830102910000003Malachi MooreM.Parker (4-50-L), D.Floro (1), D.Law (3)
5858Jun 2@CLEW,5-29.0622017003.85331389600003220000014Dan MerzelJ.Irvin (4-59-W), R.Garcia (1-H), H.Harvey (2-H), K.Finnegan (2-Sv)
5959Jun 3NYML,7-89.01387146113.914417611433303720002005Carlos TorresM.Gore (4-23-L), D.Floro (1), J.Barnes (2), J.Weems (2), T.Rainey (12)
6060Jun 4NYML,3-69.01366026203.94401419322103721001024Ryan WillsD.Herz (99-33-L), D.Law (2), J.Barnes (0), K.Finnegan (1)
6161Jun 5NYML,1-99.01199035314.03391418922003421001034Chad FairchildP.Corbin (4-32-L), J.Weems (1), D.Floro (1), T.Rainey (1)
6262Jun 6ATLL,2-59.0755003214.04351117800003420000003Adam BeckM.Parker (4-65), H.Harvey (3-L), J.Barnes (1)
6363Jun 7ATLW,2-19.0611028003.99351319100003340000014Tom HanahanJ.Irvin (4-66-W), D.Law (2-H), H.Harvey (0-H), K.Finnegan (2-Sv)
6464Jun 8ATLW,7-39.07321113113.96351469921003320000014Jansen ViscontiM.Gore (4-55-W), D.Law (0-H), D.Floro (2), R.Garcia (5)
6565Jun 9ATLW,8-59.0855058103.98401589430003500000006Andy FletcherD.Herz (4-49), J.Barnes (2-W), R.Garcia (0), D.Floro (0), J.Weems (3), K.Finnegan (1-Sv)
6666Jun 11@DETW,5-410.06404411003.914116810120203711000105Larry VanoverM.Parker (4-46), D.Law (2), D.Floro (1), H.Harvey (3), K.Finnegan (1-W)
6767Jun 12@DETW,7-59.01255019203.934015711021003910000005Chris SegalJ.Irvin (4-60-W), R.Garcia (2), D.Floro (0), H.Harvey (0-H), K.Finnegan (0-Sv)
6868Jun 13@DETL,2-78.01077036123.98371559721103120001025Emil JimenezP.Corbin (7-58), D.Law (1-L), R.Garcia (0), J.Barnes (3), T.Rainey (7)
6969Jun 14MIAW,8-19.07110211013.94371379200003410000013Alan PorterM.Gore (5-72-W), J.Barnes (0), J.Weems (4)
7070Jun 15MIAW,4-09.04000117003.88321319100003101000004Ryan BlakneyD.Herz (5-83-W), D.Floro (2-H), H.Harvey (2-H), K.Finnegan (2)
7171Jun 16MIAW,3-19.0811007003.84361178810003620000104Jim WolfM.Parker (4-60-W), D.Law (2-H), R.Garcia (2-H), K.Finnegan (0-Sv)
7272Jun 18ARIL,0-59.01455044113.85401539500123211012034Chad FairchildJ.Irvin (5-33-L), J.Barnes (3), J.Weems (3), T.Rainey (4)
7373Jun 19ARIW,3-19.04110310003.81341449000003110000004Ryan WillsP.Corbin (5-61), D.Law (2-W), H.Harvey (3-H), K.Finnegan (2-Sv)
7474Jun 20ARIL,2-59.012532212103.804116311300213820010105Paul ClemonsM.Gore (5-42-L), J.Barnes (1), R.Garcia (3), D.Floro (4), J.Weems (1)
7575Jun 21@COLW,11-59.011541010313.80391429820003700001225John BaconD.Herz (5-38), D.Law (1), D.Floro (0-W), R.Garcia (0), T.Rainey (2)
7676Jun 22@COLL,7-88.012880512303.87391529900013400000014Hunter WendelstedtM.Parker (5-50), J.Barnes (1-BSv), H.Harvey (2-H), K.Finnegan (2-BL)
7777Jun 23@COLW,2-19.05110313103.83341409410003100000014Doug EddingsJ.Irvin (4-71), R.Garcia (1), D.Floro (1-W), K.Finnegan (0-Sv)
7878Jun 24@SDPL,6-79.2876126003.85381429000003520110014Adam HamariP.Corbin (4-60), D.Law (2), R.Garcia (0), H.Harvey (1-BL)
7979Jun 25@SDPL,7-98.0999034213.93371519633003301000005Brian WalshM.Gore (4-35-L), D.Floro (1), D.Law (0), J.Weems (4), T.Rainey (3)
8080Jun 26@SDPL,5-88.0988045203.98371378510003210010014Edwin MoscosoD.Herz (4-31-L), J.Barnes (3), J.Weems (0), T.Rainey (0)
8181Jun 28@TBRL,1-38.0933028203.98341479600113210000004Tony RandazzoM.Parker (5-51-L), J.Barnes (1), D.Floro (2), J.Weems (1)
8282Jun 29@TBRW,8-19.02110411103.94321418900012800000004Jeremy RiggsJ.Irvin (5-68-W), D.Law (3), H.Harvey (4), K.Finnegan (5)
8383Jun 30@TBRL,0-58.0955017303.96331248100003121001003Dan BellinoP.Corbin (5-44-L), J.Weems (1), T.Rainey (3)
Jul Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
8484Jul 1NYML,7-910.012963213213.984519312832204231000117Chris SegalM.Gore (5-62), D.Law (1-BSv), R.Garcia (6), D.Floro (2), K.Finnegan (1), H.Harvey (1-L), J.Weems (0)
8585Jul 2NYML,2-710.011761014204.004115911310204140000005Larry VanoverD.Herz (5-65), D.Floro (0-H), H.Harvey (0-BSv), K.Finnegan (0), R.Garcia (0-L)
8686Jul 3NYMW,7-59.0555017304.01331349410103220000005David RackleyM.Parker (4-47), J.Barnes (4-W), R.Garcia (0-H), H.Harvey (0-H), K.Finnegan (0-Sv)
8787Jul 4NYMW,1-09.01000110003.96291087800002800000002Nate TomlinsonJ.Irvin (4-87-W), D.Law (2-Sv)
8888Jul 5STLL,6-711.01475234103.964917010820204420011026Tom HanahanP.Corbin (4-44), R.Garcia (1-H), D.Law (0-H), H.Harvey (1-H), K.Finnegan (1-BSv), D.Floro (2-L)
8989Jul 6STLW,14-69.01166079003.994517010540003820000004Bruce DreckmanM.Gore (4-28), J.Barnes (2-W), J.Weems (4), T.Rainey (5)
9090Jul 7STLL,3-89.01387138104.024419512842204020000115Clint VondrakD.Herz (4-37-L), D.Floro (1), R.Garcia (1), D.Law (1), T.Rainey (0)
9191Jul 8STLL,0-69.01164219214.02401339300103810000113Jeremie RehakM.Parker (4-64-L), J.Barnes (1), J.Adon (89)
9292Jul 9@NYML,5-78.01177035204.06381338800003511000002Nestor CejaJ.Irvin (4-30-L), J.Weems (2)
9393Jul 10@NYML,2-68.01265136104.07361258022003331000024Carlos TorresP.Corbin (4-39-L), D.Law (2), D.Floro (2), J.Barnes (1)
9494Jul 11@NYML,0-78.0977038004.11351449611003230000005Chad FairchildM.Gore (4-43-L), D.Floro (0), H.Harvey (5), R.Garcia (3), K.Finnegan (5)
9595Jul 12@MILW,5-29.04220413014.093616610320003120000015Dan IassognaJ.Rutledge (58-54), R.Garcia (0-W), D.Law (1-H), H.Harvey (0-H), K.Finnegan (0-Sv)
9696Jul 13@MILW,6-59.06550612004.103818412242303230000006Ben MayM.Parker (4-26), J.Weems (3), J.Barnes (2), D.Floro (1), D.Law (0-W), K.Finnegan (0-Sv)

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