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Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More

Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More
Year Tm Lg W L Finish Playoffs Attendance Attend/G Rank Est. Payroll PPF BPF Stadium
1948Memphis Red SoxNAL28516100100
1947Memphis Red SoxNAL30404100100
1946Memphis Red SoxNAL34384100100
1945Memphis Red SoxNAL18576100100
1944Memphis Red SoxNAL37475100100
1943Memphis Red SoxNAL30485100100
1942Memphis Red SoxNAL21224100100
1941Memphis Red SoxNAL15204100100
1940Memphis Red SoxNAL25202100100
1939Memphis Red SoxNAL19347100100
1938Memphis Red SoxNAL39242Won LCS (2-0)100100
1937Memphis Red SoxNAL15297100100
1932Memphis Red SoxNSL23279100100
1930Memphis Red SoxNNL30518100100
1929Memphis Red SoxNNL21547100100
1928Memphis Red SoxNNL33516100100
1927Memphis Red SoxNNL25698100100
1925Memphis Red SoxNNL34496100100
1924Memphis Red SoxNNL24366100100