Past Franchise Names

All-Time Top 12 Players

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Franchise History

Franchise History
Year Tm Lg G W L Ties W-L% pythW-L% Finish GB Playoffs R RA Attendance BatAge PAge #Bat #P Top Player Managers
1888Detroit WolverinesNL13468633.519.5625th of 816.072162928.923.0246P.Conway (7.0)B.Watkins (49-44) and B.Leadley (19-19)
1887Detroit WolverinesNL12779453.637.6391st of 8--Won WS (10-5)96971029.124.0209D.Brouthers (5.3)B.Watkins (79-45)
1886Detroit WolverinesNL12687363.707.6882nd of 82.582953828.824.2217L.Baldwin (10.5)B.Watkins (87-36)
1885Detroit WolverinesNL10841670.380.4436th of 844.051458226.123.1287C.Bennett (4.5)C.Morton (7-31) and B.Watkins (34-36)
1884Detroit WolverinesNL11428842.250.2858th of 856.044573624.621.9266C.Bennett (4.1)J.Chapman (28-84)
1883Detroit WolverinesNL10140583.408.4037th of 823.052465025.622.3168C.Bennett (4.9)J.Chapman (40-58)
1882Detroit WolverinesNL8642413.506.4185th of 812.540748825.322.4204G.Weidman (9.8)F.Bancroft (42-41)
1881Detroit WolverinesNL8441430.488.5124th of 815.044042924.522.4268G.Derby (7.5)F.Bancroft (41-43)