Negro League team records include only league games. Player stats include league games, interleague games (against major Negro League competition), and games against select top-level independent Black Baseball teams. Player stats do not include the extensive amount of exhibitions and barnstorming games Negro League teams often played. Negro League data is not complete. Research is still ongoing and we’ll continue to publish updates as more information becomes available. More about data coverage

Full-Season Roster & Games by Position

Full-Season Roster & Games by Position
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR
Chuffie Alexander26us USMar 15, 19022666600026031209600.6
Leo Birdine33us USR5' 10"170Mar 23, 1895242422700000557170.3
Anthony Cooper23us USRR5' 5"162Jul 20, 19041st39390000002301841-0.6
Lou Dials24us USLL5' 10"185Jan 10, 19042440000001034-0.1
Giles Unknown1st220000000011-0.1
Red Haley27us USLR5' 7"150May 13, 19011st990006110000-0.1
Perry Hall30us USRR5' 9"185Apr 18, 1898615151500302035-0.2
Hayes Unknown1st2220000000000.0
Jim Jeffries35us USLLMay 18, 1893720209000001348-0.3
Johnson Unknown1st110000000011-0.1
Ruben Jones34us USLRFeb 5, 1894514140000002012140.3
George McAllister29us USLR5' 9"143Oct 22, 189848686008600000000.9
Lewis Means29us USRRDec 14, 18983330300000000-0.1
Geechie Meredith28us USRROct 22, 18994828200066014216220.5
Leon Morgan22us US19061st1100000000110.0
A. Mullen Unknown1st660000000066-0.1
George Nash21us USL6' 1"193Mar 31, 19071st1818180000000001.7
Johnnie Oden25us USRR5' 7"146Sep 10, 19022393900003900000-0.5
Dewitt Owens27us USR5' 8"175Sep 25, 19003808000010770011-1.2
Satchel Paige HOF21us USRR6' 3"180Jul 7, 190623333250100000005.1
Roy Parnell24us USRR5' 11"170Nov 23, 190327979100000244812841.7
Bill Perkins22us USRR5' 10"176Jun 26, 19061st797907700001012-0.3
Robert Poindexter30us USRR5' 11"176Sep 25, 189752626180000000000.6
Harry Salmon33us USLR6' 2"180May 30, 189543131220000011462.8
Ray Sheppard25us USR5' 9"186Dec 10, 1902457570000471600001.3
Owen Smaulding31us US6' 2"200Sep 30, 18962333000000000-0.7
Sam Streeter27us USRL5' 7"170Sep 17, 19006222000000000-0.5
Sandy Thompson33us USLR5' 9"170Jun 5, 1895616160000000142160.3
Charles Wesley31us USRR154Jul 4, 189664646102232262917-0.3
Poindexter Williams30us USRR6' 0"195Sep 10, 189762222014000000000.0
Jim Willis RUnknown1st777000000000-0.2
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR

Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff
Name Age DoB Role Start Date End Date
Charles Wesley31us USJul 4, 1896Manager
Poindexter Williams30us USSep 10, 1897Manager
Name Age DoB Role Start Date End Date