Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
200632BeloitMIDWAMIN1 of 11387464.536
200733BeloitMIDWAMIN1 of 11407961.564
200834Fort MyersFLORA+MIN1 of 11367759.566
200935Fort MyersFLORA+MIN1 of 11388058.580
201036New BritainELAAMIN1 of 11424498.310
201137New BritainELAAMIN1 of 11427270.507
201238New BritainELAAMIN1 of 11427567.528
201339New BritainELAAMIN1 of 11426676.465
201440New BritainELAAMIN1 of 11427369.514
201541Fort MyersFLORA+MIN1 of 11397663.547
201642Fort MyersFLORA+MIN1 of 11387068.507
201945CharlotteFLORA+TBR1 of 11358253.607
202147Bowling GreenHAEA+TBR1 of 11188236.695
202248Bowling GreenSALLA+TBR1 of 11307852.600
14 Seasons19221028894.535
A+ (7 seasons)934545389.584
AA (5 seasons)710330380.465
A (2 seasons)278153125.550

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Chadwick ID: aa3a65f8

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