Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
191335St. LouisNLMLBSTL1 of 11535199.340
191436St. LouisNLMLBSTL1 of 11578172.529
191537St. LouisNLMLBSTL1 of 11577281.471
191638St. LouisNLMLBSTL1 of 11536093.392
191739St. LouisNLMLBSTL1 of 11548270.539
191840New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 11266063.488
191941New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 11418059.576
192042New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 11549559.617
192143New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 11539855.641
192244New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 11549460.610
192345New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 11529854.645
192446New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 11538963.586
192547New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 11566985.448
192648New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 11559163.591
192749New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 115511044.714
192850New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 115410153.656
192951New YorkALMLBNYY1 of 21438261.573
17 Seasons257014131134.555

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