Negro League player stats include league games, interleague games (against major Negro League competition), and games against select top-level independent Black Baseball teams. Player stats do not include the extensive amount of exhibitions and barnstorming games Negro League teams often played. Negro League data is not complete. Research is still ongoing and we’ll continue to publish updates as more information becomes available. More about data coverage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Jack Combs born?

Jack Combs was born in Dayton, OH.

How many seasons did Jack Combs play?

Jack Combs played 4 seasons.

Is Jack Combs in the Hall of Fame?

Jack Combs has not been elected into the Hall of Fame.

What position did Jack Combs play?

Jack Combs was a Pitcher.

How many strikeouts did Jack Combs have?

Jack Combs had 115 strikeouts over his career.

How many teams has Jack Combs played for?

Jack Combs played for 1 team, the Detroit Stars.

When did Jack Combs retire?

Jack Combs last played in 1926.

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