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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Anthony Bass?

Anthony Bass is 35 years old.

When was Anthony Bass born?

Anthony Bass was born on November 1, 1987.

Where was Anthony Bass born?

Anthony Bass was born in Dearborn, MI.

How tall is Anthony Bass?

Anthony Bass is 6-2 (188 cm) tall.

How much does Anthony Bass weigh?

Anthony Bass weighs 205 lbs (92 kg).

How many seasons has Anthony Bass played?

Anthony Bass has played 11 seasons.

When was Anthony Bass drafted?

Anthony Bass was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 5th round of the 2008 MLB June Amateur Draft from Wayne State University (Detroit, MI).

What position does Anthony Bass play?

Anthony Bass is a Pitcher.

How many strikeouts does Anthony Bass have?

Anthony Bass had 73 strikeouts last season and 397 strikeouts over his career.

How much is Anthony Bass worth?

Anthony Bass made $3,000,000.00 last year. His current contract terms are 3 yrs/$7M (21-23).

How many teams has Anthony Bass played for?

Anthony Bass has played for 7 teams; the San Diego Padres, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners, Toronto Blue Jays and Miami Marlins.

What is Anthony Bass' Twitter account?

Anthony Bass is on Twitter at AnthonyBass52.

What are Anthony Bass' nicknames?

Fish, T-Fish are nicknames for Anthony Bass.

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