American Legion Post 325 Field

From BR Bullpen
American Legion Post 325 Field
Location Danville, VA
Danville Braves, 1993-2019; Danville 97s, 1998
2,588 (largest reported baseball crowd: 3,289)
  • Dimensions:
    • Left Field: 330 feet
    • Center Field: 400 feet
    • Right Field: 330 feet

American Legion Post 325 Field was the home of affiliated baseball in Danville, VA from 1993 to 2019. After that, MLB’s 2020-21 Minor League restructuring ended the Danville Braves era by turning the the Appalachian League into a summer collegiate wood-bat circuit.

Located in Dan Daniel Memorial Park along the Dan River, it was built by the city in 1992. The Braves moved their Appy League team from Pulaski, VA the following season. The D-Braves repeatedly led the league in attendance in the 1990s, including a since-broken season record, but first drew a 3,000 single-game crowd in 2017.

For those who got lost in all those Dans: the city is named for the river, which Virginia pioneer William Byrd named for the biblical city, and the municipal park is named for 1969-1988 Congressman Dan Daniel. Fans were treated to two seasons in one in 1998, when the Carolina League Durham Bulls of Bull Durham (1988) fame played there as the Danville 97s. Displaced by Triple-A expansion, they had chosen Myrtle Beach, SC, as their new home – but it took a year to build a stadium there. Their one-season Danville nickname remembered the famed 1903 wreck of the Old 97 mail train near Danville.