Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1914 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1914 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 16SLMINDL,3-7CG09.000000
22Apr 17SLMINDW,5-4CG011.000000
33Apr 18SLMINDW,4-2CG09.010120
44Apr 19SLMINDW,9-2GS0 00000
59 (4)Apr 25SLM@INDW,4-3CG09.010010
610Apr 26SLM@INDL,3-5CG08.000000
711Apr 29SLMBUFW,6-5CG012.010010
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
815 (3)May 2 (2)SLMBTTW,7-5CG09.030030
916May 4SLMBALL,0-3CG09.000000
1017May 5SLMBALL,6-8CG09.000000
1118May 6SLMBALL,7-8CG09.000000
1219May 7SLMPBSL,7-15CG09.010120
1320May 8SLMPBSW,7-6CG09.010010
1421May 9SLMPBSL,2-5GS03.020020
1522May 10SLM@CHIW,5-4CG09.011020
1623May 14SLM@BTTL,1-4CG08.020020
1724May 15SLM@BTTL,6-12CG08.000000
1825May 16SLM@BTTW,5-3CG09.040040
1926May 18SLM@BUFW,6-3CG09.010010
2027May 19SLM@BUFL,3-11CG08.050050
2128May 20SLM@BUFL,1-2CG08.020020
2229May 21SLM@PBSL,5-10CG08.030030
2330May 22SLM@PBST,3-3CG09.010120
2431May 23SLM@PBSL,0-3CG08.020020
2532May 24SLM@INDW,9-3CG09.010120
2633May 25SLM@BALL,5-6CG08.040040
2734May 26SLM@BALL,2-3GF0 20020
2835May 27SLM@BALL,3-4CG05.200000
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2942 (6)Jun 3SLMINDL,6-9CG09.030140
3043Jun 4SLMINDL,6-7CG09.010010
3144Jun 5SLM@KCPW,2-1CG010.021030
3245Jun 6SLM@KCPL,4-7CG08.010010
3347 (1)Jun 8SLMPBSL,2-3CG09.042060
3448Jun 9SLMPBSW,6-5CG09.020020
3549Jun 10SLMPBSW,13-8CG09.020020
3650Jun 11SLMPBSL,2-7GS0 50050
3755 (4)Jun 15SLMBUFL,2-4CG011.000000
3856Jun 16SLMBTTW,13-12CG012.010010
3957Jun 17SLMBTTL,1-3CG09.010010
4058Jun 18SLMBTTL,4-6CG09.020020
4159Jun 19SLMBTTL,6-8CG09.000000
4260Jun 20SLMBALL,2-3CG09.021030
4361Jun 21SLMBALL,4-8CG09.040150
4462Jun 22SLMBALW,3-1CG09.051061
4563Jun 23SLMBALL,5-8CG09.011020
4664Jun 24SLMCHIL,1-5CG09.010120
4765Jun 25SLMCHIL,8-13CG09.000220
4866Jun 27SLMCHIL,4-8CG09.020130
4967Jun 28SLMCHIL,3-7CG09.030030
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5068Jul 1SLM@KCPW,7-4GS0 00000
5172 (3)Jul 5SLM@INDW,6-3GF0 10010
5279 (6)Jul 13 (2)SLM@CHIW,5-1CG09.030030
5381 (1)Jul 15SLM@CHIW,2-0CG09.020020
5482Jul 17SLMINDL,2-8GF0 21140
5583Jul 18SLMINDL,4-5CG09.001010
5684Jul 19SLMINDL,0-3CG09.020020
5785Jul 20 (1)SLM@CHIW,5-2GS07.011020
5886Jul 20 (2)SLM@CHIL,2-4CG08.021030
5987Jul 22SLM@BALL,0-5CG08.000000
6088Jul 23SLM@BALL,4-5CG08.020020
6189Jul 24SLM@BALL,0-4CG08.040040
6290Jul 25SLM@BALW,8-1GF0 20130
6393 (2)Jul 30 (1)SLM@BTTW,9-2CG09.020020
6494Jul 30 (2)SLM@BTTL,2-4CG08.010010
6595Jul 31SLM@BUFL,2-5CG08.000000
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
6696Aug 1SLM@BUFW,5-3CG09.020020
67103 (6)Aug 9SLMPBSL,2-8GS0 10010
Player went from St. Louis Terriers to Baltimore Terrapins
68115Aug 27BALPBSW,4-3CG09.020020
69116Aug 29BALPBSL,0-2CG07.010010
70117Aug 31BAL@PBSW,7-1CG09.000000
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
71118Sep 1BAL@PBSL,1-2CG09.230030
72119Sep 3 (1)BAL@PBSW,5-2CG09.020020
73120Sep 3 (2)BAL@PBSL,1-4CG08.010010
74121Sep 4BAL@BUFL,1-2CG08.000000
75122Sep 5BAL@BUFL,2-4CG08.010010
76123Sep 7 (1)BAL@BUFL,8-11CG08.050050
77127 (3)Sep 10 (1)BALINDL,6-12GF0 00000
78138 (10)Sep 22BALCHIL,1-2GF02.000110
79142 (3)Sep 26 (1)BALSLMW,5-4GF0 00000
79gm 12211131461

1914 Fielding Game Log (as LF)

1914 Fielding Game Log (as CF)

1914 Fielding Game Log (as RF)

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