Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1915 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1915 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 10CHISLMW,3-1CG09.013040
22Apr 13CHIPBSW,6-5CG09.043071
33Apr 15CHIPBSL,1-3CG09.032051
44Apr 16CHIPBSW,4-3CG09.033061
55Apr 17CHI@SLMW,4-1CG09.012030
66Apr 18CHI@SLML,1-3CG08.043070
77Apr 19CHI@SLMW,9-1CG09.012030
88Apr 20CHI@SLML,5-8CG08.033061
99Apr 25 (1)CHI@KCPW,10-3CG09.014050
1010Apr 25 (2)CHI@KCPL,2-4CG08.012250
1111Apr 26CHIKCPW,7-0CG09.015170
1212Apr 27CHIKCPL,6-7CG09.032050
1313Apr 28CHIKCPW,13-1CG09.030031
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1414May 1CHI@BUFW,2-1CG09.025071
1515May 2 (1)CHIBUFW,4-0CG09.034072
1616May 2 (2)CHIBUFW,5-1CG05.020130
1717May 3CHI@BUFW,7-3CG09.021031
1818May 4CHI@BALL,2-3CG08.013040
1919May 5CHI@BALL,3-4CG09.223050
2020May 6CHI@BALL,8-9CG08.011020
2121May 7CHI@NEWL,4-5CG08.044082
2222May 8CHI@NEWL,0-2CG08.014051
2323May 9CHI@NEWL,3-4CG08.125071
2424May 10CHI@NEWW,10-5CG09.021031
2525May 11CHI@BTTW,6-4GS08.041161
2626May 13CHI@BTTL,1-6CG08.023052
2727May 14CHI@PBSW,6-0CG09.022040
2828May 15CHI@PBSW,10-0CG09.022040
2929May 16CHIPBSL,1-4CG09.043072
3030May 17CHIBALW,6-5CG010.013150
3131May 21CHIBTTW,9-2CG09.013040
3232May 22CHIBTTW,4-2CG09.012030
3333May 23 (1)CHIBALW,2-0CG09.013040
3434May 23 (2)CHIBALL,1-2CG09.031041
3535May 24CHIBUFW,4-3CG014.033282
3636May 30 (1)CHIKCPL,3-8CG09.024170
3737May 30 (2)CHIKCPW,1-0CG09.032160
3838May 31 (1)CHIKCPL,2-3CG010.024060
3939May 31 (2)CHIKCPW,2-1CG011.051060
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4040Jun 1CHIKCPL,1-3CG09.034070
4141Jun 2CHISLML,1-2CG09.021140
4242Jun 3CHISLML,2-3CG09.033060
4343Jun 4CHISLML,3-8CG09.023160
4444Jun 5 (1)CHISLML,4-6CG09.024062
4545Jun 5 (2)CHISLML,0-6CG09.015280
4646Jun 6CHIPBSW,10-5CG09.004040
4747Jun 10CHI@KCPL,3-5CG08.012030
4848Jun 11CHI@KCPW,4-1GS08.031150
4949Jun 12CHI@KCPL,3-5CG08.013040
5050Jun 13 (1)CHI@KCPL,4-6CG08.050160
5151Jun 13 (2)CHI@KCPW,3-2CG010.003030
5252Jun 16 (1)CHI@BUFW,8-0CG09.024060
5353Jun 16 (2)CHI@BUFW,3-1CG09.002130
5454Jun 17 (1)CHI@BUFW,5-2GS06.012030
5555Jun 17 (2)CHI@BUFL,5-7CG08.012030
5656Jun 18CHI@BUFW,8-0CG09.001120
5757Jun 21CHI@BALL,2-7CG08.024170
5858Jun 22CHI@BALW,11-4CG09.004040
5959Jun 23CHI@BALL,3-4GS08.013041
6062 (2)Jun 26 (1)CHI@BTTW,6-1CG09.013040
6163Jun 26 (2)CHI@BTTW,10-6GS07.013040
6264Jun 28CHI@BTTW,10-5CG09.034180
6365Jun 29CHI@NEWW,1-0CG09.014050
6466Jun 30CHI@NEWW,7-6GS012.023051
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
6567Jul 1CHI@NEWW,3-2CG012.030030
6668Jul 3CHIPBSL,3-6GF03.002020
6769Jul 4CHIPBSW,5-4CG09.005050
6870Jul 5 (1)CHIPBSL,3-5CG09.063091
6971Jul 5 (2)CHIPBSW,2-1CG09.033061
7079 (7)Jul 17 (1)CHIBTTW,7-6GF01.000000

1915 Fielding Game Log (as 2B)

1915 Fielding Game Log (as SS)

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