Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1999 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1999 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
12 (1)Apr 6FLANYML,3-12GS367.060170C
23Apr 7FLANYML,0-6CG439.01000100C
35 (1)Apr 10FLAPHIL,2-5CG389.070070C
47 (1)Apr 12FLA@NYML,1-8CG378.030030C
58Apr 14FLA@NYML,1-4CG388.080080C
69Apr 15FLA@NYMW,11-4CG419.01000100C
710Apr 16FLA@PHIL,3-17CG468.041050C
811Apr 17FLA@PHIL,1-2GF50.100000PH C
912Apr 18FLA@PHIL,2-7CG428.090090C
1014 (1)Apr 20FLA@SFGW,7-2CG369.070070C
1117 (2)Apr 24FLAATLL,7-8CG419.071080C
1218Apr 25FLAATLL,1-5CG419.0820100C
1319Apr 26FLAATLL,3-5CG369.062080C
1420Apr 27FLACHCW,8-0CG359.070070C
1521Apr 28FLACHCL,1-6GF92.010010PH C
1622Apr 29FLACHCL,2-5CG439.071080C
1723Apr 30FLAHOUL,1-8CG429.0911110C
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1824May 1FLAHOUL,4-6CG449.060060C
1926 (1)May 3FLAMILL,4-6GF194.070070C
2027May 4FLAMILL,1-8CG399.050050C
2129 (1)May 7FLA@LADW,6-3CG369.0722110C
2230May 8FLA@LADL,1-8GF101.000000C
2331May 9FLA@LADW,6-4CG389.070070C
2432May 10FLA@SDPL,5-7CG408.013040C
2534 (1)May 12FLA@SDPL,7-8CG378.033060C
2636 (1)May 15FLA@MILL,2-7CG398.030030C
2738 (1)May 17FLACHCL,1-8CG449.080080C
2840 (1)May 19FLACHCL,7-8CG439.031040C
2941May 20FLAPITW,4-3GS5011.061070C
3043 (1)May 22FLAPITL,4-11CG509.044081C
3145 (1)May 24FLA@CHCW,7-5CG439.080080C
3246May 25FLA@CHCW,6-3CG369.031040C
3347May 26FLA@CHCL,4-6GF60.201010C
3449 (1)May 29FLACINL,1-8CG459.081090C
3550May 30FLACINL,4-6CG409.062080C
3651May 31FLASTLL,2-5CG429.071080C
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3752Jun 1FLASTLL,4-8GF123.150050C
3855 (2)Jun 4FLA@TBDW,10-0CG349.050050C
3956Jun 5FLA@TBDW,9-7CG399.070070C
4058 (1)Jun 8 (1)FLABALW,2-1GS257.010010C
4160 (1)Jun 9FLABALL,2-4CG409.030030C
4261Jun 11FLANYYL,4-8CG429.060060C
4362Jun 12FLANYYL,4-5GS348.060060C
4464 (1)Jun 14FLA@ARIL,0-2GF61.010010C
4566 (1)Jun 16FLA@ARIL,6-12CG468.040040C
4667Jun 18FLA@COLL,10-11GS388.030030C
4769 (1)Jun 20FLA@COLL,7-8GF31.001010PH C
4870Jun 22FLA@NYML,2-8CG388.040040C
4972 (1)Jun 24FLA@NYML,2-3CG338.040040C
5073Jun 25FLA@MONL,3-4CG348.070070C
5175 (1)Jun 27FLA@MONW,4-3CG359.021030C
5277 (1)Jun 29FLANYML,1-5CG429.071080C
5378Jun 30FLANYMW,4-3CG4210.060060C
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5480 (1)Jul 3FLAMONW,6-1CG349.020020C
5581Jul 4FLAMONW,5-1CG379.01100110C
5682Jul 5FLA@ATLL,5-6GF50.100000C
5784 (1)Jul 7FLA@ATLL,3-7CG358.032050C
5885Jul 8FLA@ATLL,2-5CG338.020020C
5987 (1)Jul 10FLATBDL,8-9CG459.081090C
6090 (2)Jul 16FLA@TORW,4-2CG399.052070C
6192 (1)Jul 18FLA@BOSL,9-11CG408.061070C
6294 (1)Jul 20FLA@BOSL,1-7CG408.060060C
6397 (2)Jul 23FLAMILW,5-4GF41.000000C
6498Jul 24FLAMILW,4-1CG409.030030C
6599Jul 25FLAMILW,4-3CG389.061071C
66102 (2)Jul 28FLA@PHIL,4-9CG418.01000100C
67105 (2)Jul 31FLA@PITL,2-4CG338.062080C
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
68107 (1)Aug 3FLAPHIL,5-6CG429.0820100C
69109 (1)Aug 5FLAPHIL,3-9CG469.071080C
70112 (2)Aug 8FLACOLW,2-1CG339.0901100C
71113Aug 9FLASFGW,5-4CG429.052070C
72115 (1)Aug 11FLASFGW,6-5CG4610.060060C
73117 (1)Aug 14FLA@SDPL,4-6CG398.030030C
74119 (1)Aug 16FLA@LADW,7-5CG399.071080C
75122 (2)Aug 20FLAHOUL,4-6GF358.0920110C
76123Aug 21FLAHOUL,4-5CG329.033060C
77124Aug 24FLAARIL,4-5GF72.031040C
78125Aug 25FLAARIL,2-7GS215.140040C
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
Player went from Florida Marlins to Atlanta Braves
79146Sep 14ATL@SDPW,11-4GF163.040040C
80156 (9)Sep 26ATL@MONW,10-0GF62.030030C
81158 (1)Sep 29ATL@NYML,2-9GF102.010010PR C
82161 (2)Oct 2ATLFLAL,0-1CG3210.01300130C
83162Oct 3ATLFLAW,18-0GF41.001010PH 1B

1999 Fielding Game Log (as C)

1999 Fielding Game Log (as 1B)