Many detailed statistics are based on play-by-play accounts accumulated by Retrosheet. These totals may be incomplete (3.6% of all plays from 1912 to 1968 are missing or have incomplete accounts, click link for year and team summary of data completeness) for some players prior to 1969 and even complete seasons may not match the official totals due to errors in both the official totals and the play-by-play accounts.

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Summary of 104 Home Runs

0 leading off, 4 walk-off, 8 tying, 33 go ahead

1 Tm
CLE 93
vs RHP 51
vs LHP 42
Home 60
Away 33
1 41
2 28
0 24
7 Opps
DET 18
BOS 16
WSH 15
NYY 14
SLB 13
8 Parks
ClevelandStd (CLE) 60
Fenway Pk (BOS) 9
Busch Stad 1 (STL) 6
GriffithStad (WAS) 5
Yankee Stad (NYC) 5
Where Hit
9 20
8 4
7 2
78 2
89 1
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 71
2·HR gms 11
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 44
1-- 27
12- 8
--3 4
1-3 4
1 9
2 7
3 10
4 10
5 14
+4.. 11
+3 15
+2 7
+1 7
Tied 28
Before event,
for batter
1B 91
RF 2
4th 45
3rd 20
5th 17
6th 9
7th 2
High Lev 24
Medium Lev 26
Low Lev 43

Play By Play

Play By Play
1950 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111950-05-06 (1)CLE@NYYAllie Reynoldstied 0-0t 3212-3390.26876%Home Run; J. Hegan Scores; M. Vernon Scores
22211950-05-06 (2)CLE@NYYFred Sanfordtied 0-0t 111--2390.15966%Home Run; M. Vernon Scores
33311950-05-20CLEBOSChuck Stobbstied 3-3b 511--2330.22079%Home Run; B. Kennedy Scores
44411950-06-02CLE@BOSJoe Dobsonbehind 3-11t 711--2330.0102%Home Run; D. Mitchell Scores
55511950-06-03CLE@BOSMel Parnelltied 0-0t 111--2330.14665%Home Run (LF-CF); B. Kennedy Scores
66611950-06-09CLE@WSHConnie Marrerotied 0-0t 12---1330.09756%Home Run (Deep LF)
77711950-06-16CLEPHACarl Scheibtied 1-1b 521--2330.24778%Home Run (LF-CF); B. Kennedy Scores
88811950-06-22CLENYYJoe Ostrowskitied 1-1b 32---1330.11663%Home Run
99921950-06-22CLENYYJoe Ostrowskiahead 5-2b 81---1330.01899%Home Run (Deep CF)
10101011950-06-23CLEWSHBob Rosstied 1-1b 31-233330.17182%Home Run (Deep RF); B. Lemon Scores; D. Mitchell Scores
11111121950-06-23CLEWSHJoe Haynesahead 6-1b 62-2-2330.02199%Home Run (Deep RF); D. Mitchell Scores
12121211950-06-28CLE@SLBDon Johnsonahead 7-2t 71---1330.02098%Home Run
13131311950-06-30CLEDETHal Newhousertied 0-0b 111--2330.16071%Home Run; D. Mitchell Scores
14141421950-06-30CLEDETDizzy Troutahead 5-0b 22--32330.04896%Home Run; M. Garcia Scores
15151511950-07-02 (1)CLEDETArt Houttemanahead 3-1b 60---1330.06791%Home Run
16161611950-07-02 (2)CLEDETTed Graytied 2-2b 621-33330.31589%Home Run; D. Mitchell Scores; A. Clark Scores
17171711950-07-08CLE@DETHal Newhousertied 0-0t 31---1330.10658%Home Run
18181811950-07-25CLEPHAAlex Kellnerbehind 0-1b 21---1530.10653%Home Run
19191921950-07-25CLEPHAAlex Kellnerahead 4-1b 321--2530.09992%Home Run; A. Clark Scores/unER; L. Easter Scores/unER
20202011950-07-28CLEBOSDick Littlefieldahead 12-0b 81---1530.000100%Home Run
21212111950-07-29CLEBOSChuck Stobbsahead 1-0b 41---1530.10476%Home Run
22222211950-08-19CLECHWKen Holcombetied 0-0b 81---1430.28385%Home Run
23232311950-09-12CLENYYAllie Reynoldsbehind 3-6b 52---1430.08824%Home Run
24242421950-09-12CLENYYTom Ferrickbehind 5-7b 92-233430.847100%Walk-OffHome Run; T. Tucker Scores; B. Kennedy Scores
25252511950-09-13CLENYYEddie Lopatbehind 1-10b 61---1430.0041%Home Run
26262611950-09-15 (1)CLEWSHMickey Harristied 2-2b 911--2430.358100%Walk-OffHome Run; L. Doby Scores
27272711950-09-20 (1)CLEBOSChuck Stobbstied 0-0b 12--32430.16370%Home Run; B. Kennedy Scores
28282811950-09-22CLEDETHal Newhousertied 0-0b 121--2430.17670%Home Run; L. Doby Scores
1951 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
2929111951-05-28CLE@DETTed Grayahead 3-0t 51---1430.06489%Home Run
3030211951-06-02CLEWSHSandy Consuegraahead 4-0b 2212-3430.08597%Home Run (Deep RF); R. Boone Scores; L. Doby Scores
3131311951-06-03 (1)CLENYYVic Raschiahead 3-2b 521--2430.18788%Home Run; L. Doby Scores
3232421951-06-03 (1)CLENYYVic Raschiahead 5-2b 801--2430.017100%Home Run; L. Doby Scores
3333511951-06-03 (2)CLENYYSpec Sheaahead 2-0b 60---1430.06592%Home Run
3434611951-06-07CLEPHABob Hooperbehind 2-3b 5212-3430.39579%Home Run; D. Mitchell Scores; H. Simpson Scores
3535711951-06-16CLE@WSHJulio Morenobehind 0-2t 611--2430.24347%Home Run (CF-RF); L. Doby Scores
3636811951-06-19CLE@BOSChuck Stobbsbehind 0-9t 911--2430.0000%Home Run; L. Doby Scores
3737911951-06-26CLESLBLou Sleatertied 4-4b 1121--2430.437100%Walk-OffHome Run; H. Simpson Scores
38381011951-06-27CLESLBBill Kennedyahead 5-1b 721--2430.02399%Home Run; H. Simpson Scores
39391111951-06-30CLEDETFred Hutchinsontied 1-1b 71---1430.22778%Home Run
40401211951-07-07CLE@DETBob Cainbehind 0-8t 71---1430.0031%Home Run
41411311951-07-16CLEWSHJulio Morenobehind 0-1b 12--32430.18662%Home Run (Deep RF); D. Mitchell Scores
42421421951-07-16CLEWSHTom Ferrickahead 5-1b 621-33430.03899%Home Run (Deep RF); S. Gromek Scores; L. Doby Scores
43431511951-07-21CLEPHABobby Shantzahead 4-0b 72---1430.01798%Home Run
44441611951-07-22 (1)CLEPHADick Fowlertied 0-0b 12--32430.17671%Home Run; D. Mitchell Scores
45451711951-08-01 (1)CLE@WSHJoe Haynesbehind 4-5t 81---1430.25445%Home Run (Deep RF)
46461811951-08-19 (2)CLE@CHWLou Kretlowbehind 1-7t 801--2530.0214%Home Run (Deep RF); A. Rosen Scores
47471911951-08-22CLEWSHJulio Morenobehind 0-2b 40---1430.12042%Home Run (Deep RF)
48482011951-08-26 (2)CLEBOSLeo Kielytied 0-0b 41---1430.13767%Home Run
49492111951-09-02CLESLBNed Garverahead 3-0b 32---1530.06089%Home Run
50502211951-09-04CLECHWSaul Rogovintied 0-0b 42---1530.14165%Home Run
51512311951-09-05CLEDETMarlin Stuarttied 0-0b 201--2530.16575%Home Run; A. Rosen Scores
52522411951-09-18CLE@BOSWillard Nixonahead 5-2t 90---1530.02198%Home Run
53532511951-09-19CLE@BOSWalt Mastersonahead 3-0t 30---1530.06485%Home Run
54542611951-09-29CLEDETBob Cainbehind 1-4b 601234530.35875%Home Run; S. Stirnweiss Scores; L. Doby Scores; A. Rosen Scores
55552721951-09-29CLEDETBob Cainbehind 5-6b 81---1530.32456%Home Run
1952 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
5656111952-04-17CLE@CHWAl Widmarahead 3-0t 50---1430.05891%Home Run (Deep RF)
5757211952-04-19CLEDETVirgil Trucksahead 4-1b 30---1430.05391%Home Run
5858311952-04-20 (1)CLEDETArt Houttemantied 2-2b 91---1430.430100%Walk-OffHome Run
5959411952-05-17CLEWSHBobo Newsomahead 6-1b 801-33630.001100%Home Run (Deep RF); L. Doby Scores; D. Mitchell Scores
6060511952-05-24CLE@SLBBob Cainahead 3-0t 40---1630.06289%Home Run
6161611952-05-25 (1)CLE@SLBDuane Pillettetied 0-0t 22---1630.11457%Home Run
6262711952-05-27CLEDETHal Newhouserahead 1-0b 40---1630.10780%Home Run
6363811952-06-03CLE@BOSMickey McDermottahead 3-0t 40---1630.06288%Home Run
6464911952-06-07CLE@PHAAlex Kellnerahead 1-0t 111234630.19188%Home Run (Deep RF); A. Rosen Scores; L. Doby Scores; D. Mitchell Scores
65651011952-06-25CLEPHAAlex Kellnerbehind 4-5b 62---1730.21252%Home Run
66661111952-06-28CLE@CHWFritz Dorishahead 3-1t 71---1730.08290%Home Run (Deep LF)
67671211952-07-15CLE@NYYJoe Ostrowskiahead 6-0t 70---1630.00699%Home Run
68681311952-07-27 (2)CLEWSHWalt Mastersonbehind 0-2b 8112-3630.64087%Home Run (Deep RF); A. Rosen Scores; H. Simpson Scores
69691411952-07-29CLEBOSSid Hudsonbehind 0-1b 51---1630.17553%Home Run
70701511952-08-03 (1)CLEPHAAlex Kellnerahead 2-0b 611--2430.09496%Home Run; L. Doby Scores
71711611952-08-13 (1)CLESLBDuane Pillettebehind 0-2b 411--2530.24453%Home Run; A. Rosen Scores
72721711952-08-15CLESLBTommy Byrnebehind 2-6b 5112-3530.22536%Home Run; B. Ávila Scores; A. Rosen Scores
73731811952-08-19CLE@BOSDick Brodowskiahead 3-1t 52---1530.09582%Home Run
74741911952-08-20CLE@BOSWillard Nixonahead 6-3t 321234430.14796%Home Run; D. Mitchell Scores; B. Ávila Scores; L. Doby Scores
75752011952-08-22CLE@NYYAllie Reynoldsahead 2-0t 5112-3430.14695%Home Run (Deep RF); D. Mitchell Scores; L. Doby Scores
76762111952-08-24CLE@WSHWalt Mastersonbehind 0-4t 321--2430.12523%Home Run (Deep CF); L. Doby Scores
77772221952-08-24CLE@WSHWalt Mastersonbehind 5-8t 9112-3430.37044%Home Run (Deep RF); B. Ávila Scores; L. Doby Scores
78782311952-08-29CLE@DETVirgil Trucksahead 2-1t 601--2430.16888%Home Run; H. Simpson Scores
79792411952-09-01 (1)CLE@SLBGene Beardenahead 5-2t 511--2430.09194%Home Run; L. Doby Scores
80802511952-09-04CLEDETBill Wighttied 0-0b 41---1430.14868%Home Run
81812611952-09-05CLECHWBilly Piercetied 0-0b 411-33430.22687%Home Run (Deep RF); B. Ávila Scores; L. Doby Scores
82822711952-09-06CLESLBBob Caintied 0-0b 20---1430.11867%Home Run
83832821952-09-06CLESLBCliff Fanninahead 6-3b 701--2430.03199%Home Run; L. Doby Scores
84842911952-09-10CLEPHACharlie Bishopahead 4-0b 80---1430.006100%Home Run
85853011952-09-13CLEBOSEllis Kinderbehind 0-3b 701--2430.18433%Home Run; L. Doby Scores
86863111952-09-20CLEDETTed Grayahead 3-2b 601--2430.14093%Home Run; L. Doby Scores
1953 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
8787111953-06-27CLE@NYYEddie Lopattied 0-0t 50---1430.14565%Home Run (Deep RF)
8888211953-07-17CLEPHABobby Shantzahead 1-0b 6112-3430.17395%Home Run (Deep CF); B. Ávila Scores; A. Rosen Scores
8989311953-07-23CLENYYTom Gormantied 0-0b 20---1530.10966%Home Run (Deep RF)
9090411953-07-25CLEWSHJohnny Schmitzbehind 1-3b 71---1530.13531%Home Run (Deep RF)
9191511953-08-07CLE@BOSMel Parnellbehind 1-4t 61---1330.07619%Home Run (Deep CF)
9292611953-08-14CLE@SLBDuane Pilletteahead 3-0t 511--2330.09493%Home Run (Deep RF); D. Mitchell Scores
9393721953-08-14CLE@SLBMike Blyzkaahead 5-3t 711--2330.11994%Home Run (Deep RF); B. Ávila Scores

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