Managerial Stats

Managerial Stats Table
Rk Year Age Tm Lg W L W-L% T G Finish Wpost Lpost W-L%post Ejections
1194532Cleveland BuckeyesNAL6725.7283951401.000WS Champs
2194633Cleveland BuckeyesNAL3640.474379300
3194734Cleveland BuckeyesNAL4425.638170114.200NAL Pennant
4194835Chicago American GiantsNAL2750.351178500
Cleveland Buckeyes3 years14790.62072441.654.5562 Pennants and 1 World Series Title
Chicago American Giants1 year2750.3511785.000
4 years174140.55483222.554.5562 Pennants and 1 World Series Title