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Run Support in Games Started

  • Total runs in Starts, Avg. is per 27 outs
Run Support in Games Started
Avg 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Other Game Totals
5.2238794974210, 10, 10, 15, 15, 15 and 16 runs

Team Pitching Gamelog

Team Pitching Gamelog
Rk Gtm Date Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
11Jul 23NYYL,1-45.16440411106.75269862002210000001Angel HernandezM.Scherzer (99-47-L)
22Jul 25NYYW,9-29.0721127103.14381378300003620000325Dan BellinoE.Fedde (99-50), T.Rainey (99-W), R.Harper (99), J.Bourque (99), K.Finnegan (99)
33Jul 26NYYL,2-39.05330312203.093520003200100005Will LittleP.Corbin (99-73), W.Harris (99-BSv), S.Doolittle (99-L), T.Rainey (0), D.Hudson (99)
44Jul 27TORL,1-49.0744039403.34371378510003411100004Ron KulpaA.Sánchez (99-45-L), S.Freeman (99), J.Guerra (99), R.Harper (1)
55Jul 28TORL,1-59.0752326203.05381408830203600000207Todd TichenorA.Voth (99-51-L), T.Rainey (1), S.Doolittle (1), W.Harris (1), R.Harper (0), S.Freeman (0), J.Bourque (2)
66Jul 29TORW,4-010.03000316002.45351569820103210000023Stu ScheurwaterM.Scherzer (5-79), D.Hudson (2-W), T.Rainey (0)
77Jul 30TORW,6-49.01144025302.69381399130013620000016Joe WestE.Fedde (4-38), R.Harper (1-W), S.Freeman (1-H), J.Guerra (2-H), T.Rainey (0-H), D.Hudson (0-Sv)
Aug Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
88Aug 4NYMW,5-39.010330413102.73401629840003600000005Laz DiazP.Corbin (8-48-W), R.Harper (4-H), T.Rainey (4-H), J.Guerra (4-H), D.Hudson (4-Sv)
99Aug 5NYML,1-39.0733075002.763920103110101027Tim TimmonsM.Scherzer (6-47), E.Fedde (5-L), S.Freeman (5), W.Suero (99), S.Doolittle (7), K.Finnegan (10), J.Guerra (0)
1010Aug 7BALL,0-119.0191111059103.615218111411004670001105D.J. ReyburnA.Sánchez (10-29-L), R.Harper (2), W.Suero (1), K.Finnegan (1), S.Freeman (1)
1111Aug 8BALL,3-59.0555029313.743515310300113200000106Ryan BlakneyA.Voth (10-69), J.Guerra (2-H), T.Rainey (3-H), S.Doolittle (2-H), D.Hudson (3-BL), R.Harper (0)
1212Aug 9 suspBALL,2-69.0866038003.93371308631003410000015Laz DiazS.Strasburg (99-30-L), J.Guerra (0), S.Freeman (1), K.Finnegan (1), D.Bacus (99)
1313Aug 10@NYMW,16-49.0843126113.86371217900003420000023Chad FairchildP.Corbin (5-58-W), W.Suero (2), S.Doolittle (1)
1414Aug 11@NYMW,2-19.07110311003.65351429620003111001014Jansen ViscontiM.Scherzer (5-61-W), J.Guerra (1-H), T.Rainey (2-H), D.Hudson (2-Sv)
1515Aug 12@NYML,6-118.0131111057314.184316910220203740000005Ryan AdditonA.Sánchez (4-26-L), S.Freeman (2), K.Finnegan (2), R.Harper (3), E.Fedde (6)
1616Aug 13@NYML,2-88.01388058314.464216910220103620000014Carlos TorresA.Voth (4-38-L), S.Romero (99), W.Suero (2), J.Guerra (1)
1717Aug 14@BALW,15-39.0633041104.37371307200003220010004Angel HernandezS.Strasburg (4-46), E.Fedde (1-W), W.Harris (16), R.Harper (1)
1818Aug 15@BALL,3-78.01377035104.554016310411103631001115Dan BellinoP.Corbin (4-32-L), J.Guerra (1), K.Finnegan (2), D.Bacus (5), W.Suero (1)
1919Aug 16@BALW,6-59.08550115314.573715210100103500000003Will LittleM.Scherzer (4-50-W), T.Rainey (4-H), D.Hudson (4-Sv)
2020Aug 17@ATLL,6-78.21377067214.714600103930100005Chad WhitsonA.Sánchez (4-39), D.Bacus (1-H), T.Rainey (0-H), W.Harris (2-H), D.Hudson (0-BL)
2121Aug 18@ATLW,8-59.01455049104.724330003930000018Roberto OrtizA.Voth (4-24), W.Suero (2-W), S.Romero (4-H), D.Bacus (0-H), W.Harris (0-H), J.Guerra (2-H), K.Finnegan (2-H), D.Hudson (0-Sv)
2222Aug 21MIAL,2-39.09330314104.64381539820013520000004Ron KulpaP.Corbin (5-52-L), T.Rainey (3), W.Harris (2), K.Finnegan (2)
2323Aug 22(1)MIAW,5-47.0744028114.66311338630102810000004Chris SegalM.Scherzer (5-37), K.Finnegan (0-W), T.Rainey (0-H), D.Hudson (3-Sv)
2424Aug 22(2)MIAL,3-56.0853244104.65311196742012600001104Manny GonzalezW.Crowe (99-37-L), S.Romero (3), D.Bacus (3), W.Suero (3)
2525Aug 23MIAW,9-39.0933008104.58341299000003410000022Ramon De JesusA.Sánchez (5-68-W), R.Harper (8)
2626Aug 24MIAL,8-119.0171111069114.845019612853104320000016David RackleyA.Voth (5-25-L), J.Guerra (5), W.Suero (1), D.Bacus (1), R.Harper (0), K.Finnegan (1)
2727Aug 25PHIL,3-89.01288054104.974340403820300126Chris ConroyE.Fedde (10-37-L), J.Guerra (0), W.Suero (0), T.Rainey (2), K.Finnegan (0), D.Bacus (0)
2828Aug 26PHIL,2-39.01132135114.85401358911013601000114Larry VanoverP.Corbin (4-51), W.Harris (4-BL), T.Rainey (0), D.Hudson (3)
2929Aug 28@BOSW,10-29.010220113004.75371529730003620000004Tripp GibsonM.Scherzer (5-67-W), K.Finnegan (2), B.Braymer (99), R.Harper (3)
3030Aug 29@BOSL,3-58.0955007204.78321258110203221000014Andy FletcherA.Sánchez (5-35-L), W.Suero (3), W.Harris (2), K.Finnegan (0)
3131Aug 30@BOSL,5-98.01599037414.944317311320103940000116Dan IassognaA.Voth (5-26-L), J.Guerra (4), D.Bacus (4), S.Doolittle (19), D.Hudson (3), R.Harper (1)
3232Aug 31@PHIL,6-88.0788028215.063400003030101003Chad WhitsonE.Fedde (5-43-L), W.Suero (1), S.Doolittle (0)
September Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
3333Sep 1@PHIL,0-68.0865195205.07421678950103320000005Mark CarlsonP.Corbin (5-48-L), K.Finnegan (2), D.Bacus (1), J.Guerra (1), R.Harper (1)
3434Sep 2@PHIL,0-38.0733049105.033400213020000003James HoyeM.Scherzer (4-49-L), T.Rainey (6), W.Harris (3)
3535Sep 3@PHIL,5-69.211642511104.994461003720211117Mike EstabrookA.Sánchez (4-28), W.Suero (2), K.Finnegan (1), T.Rainey (0-H), W.Harris (0-H), D.Hudson (3-BSv), S.Doolittle (2-L)
3636Sep 4(1)@ATLL,1-76.01177026305.09311137710002920000002Joe WestA.Voth (4-33-L), D.Bacus (2)
3737Sep 4(2)@ATLW,10-97.08981611405.21361468552003020000216Vic CarapazzaW.Crowe (12-36), K.Finnegan (0), T.Rainey (0-BSv), W.Suero (0-W), W.Harris (0-H), D.Hudson (0-Sv)
3838Sep 5@ATLW,10-49.0644057305.183830003310100005Stu ScheurwaterE.Fedde (4-31), K.McGowin (99-W), W.Suero (0-H), S.Doolittle (1-H), R.Harper (3)
3939Sep 6@ATLL,3-108.0131010097215.324552003540100024Hunter WendelstedtP.Corbin (4-32-L), K.Finnegan (1), D.Bacus (1), R.Harper (0)
4040Sep 7TBRW,6-19.08110311105.21381519730103530000004Mark WegnerM.Scherzer (4-72-W), T.Rainey (2), W.Harris (2), D.Hudson (2-Sv)
4141Sep 8TBRW,5-39.06330312015.153722203310000005Marty FosterA.Sánchez (4-51-W), W.Suero (2-H), S.Doolittle (2-H), T.Rainey (0-H), D.Hudson (0-Sv)
4242Sep 10ATLL,6-79.0977036415.203711103300000027Larry VanoverA.Voth (5-49), W.Suero (1), K.Finnegan (3-H), W.Harris (2-BSv), T.Rainey (1-L), S.Doolittle (1), K.McGowin (4)
4343Sep 11ATLW,8-712.014770129115.206231104930100018David RackleyE.Fedde (5-48), R.Harper (4), K.McGowin (0-H), W.Suero (0-H), W.Harris (0-H), D.Hudson (2-BSv), K.Finnegan (0), J.Bourque (44-W)
4444Sep 12ATLL,1-29.09220012005.12361389600203610000112Lance BarksdaleP.Corbin (5-59-L), K.McGowin (0)
4545Sep 13ATLL,4-89.010880414205.194121103730100005Chris ConroyM.Scherzer (5-34-L), W.Suero (1), K.Finnegan (1), R.Harper (1), J.Bourque (1)
4646Sep 15@TBRL,1-68.01166038115.22391559143503500100114Dan IassognaA.Sánchez (6-28-L), B.Braymer (17), A.Barrett (99), R.Harper (1)
4747Sep 16@TBRW,4-210.07220416115.144200103721200006Tripp GibsonA.Voth (5-58), W.Suero (2-H), K.Finnegan (2-H), W.Harris (4-H), D.Hudson (4-BW), K.McGowin (3-Sv)
4848Sep 18(1)@MIAW,5-07.0200027015.052600212300000102Joe WestE.Fedde (6-74-W), W.Harris (1)
4949Sep 18(2)@MIAL,3-146.0121413156425.26381498255103110000016Vic CarapazzaW.Crowe (13-26-L), K.McGowin (1), J.Bourque (4), R.Harper (2), A.Barrett (2), B.Holt (99)
5050Sep 19@MIAL,3-78.01577029205.314000203830100113Junior ValentineP.Corbin (6-23-L), K.Finnegan (2), R.Harper (0)
5151Sep 20(1)@MIAL,1-26.0520227005.232730102500100202Joe WestM.Scherzer (6-59-L), W.Harris (1)
5252Sep 20(2)@MIAW,15-07.0200035005.15261076210002310000003David ArrietaB.Braymer (4-66-W), J.Bourque (1), R.Harper (0)
5353Sep 21PHIW,5-19.06110613015.073617110000022910000025Junior ValentineA.Sánchez (5-57-W), W.Suero (4-H), K.Finnegan (1-H), W.Harris (0), D.Hudson (4)
5454Sep 22(1)PHIW,5-17.0311017105.0126002500000101Stu ScheurwaterA.Voth (5-73-W)
5555Sep 22(2)PHIW,8-78.01176169115.04411649653103320010025Vic CarapazzaP.Espino (99-40), K.McGowin (3-H), W.Suero (0-H), K.Finnegan (0-BSv), D.Hudson (0-W)
5656Sep 23PHIL,3-129.0141212056505.174700004220300104Joe WestE.Fedde (4-59-L), K.McGowin (0), R.Harper (2), B.Holt (4)
5757Sep 24NYML,2-39.01233035105.13421529900103930000013Stu ScheurwaterP.Corbin (4-45-L), K.Finnegan (1), W.Harris (2)
5858Sep 26(1)NYMW,4-37.0733028205.11301248400002810000112Vic CarapazzaM.Scherzer (5-53-W), W.Harris (1-Sv)
5959Sep 26(2)NYMW,5-37.0533036105.09291187321102610000003David ArrietaA.Sánchez (4-50-W), W.Suero (3-H), D.Hudson (3-Sv)
6060Sep 27NYMW,15-59.012550210305.094016910900003830000013Junior ValentineA.Voth (4-37-W), K.McGowin (3), P.Espino (4)

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