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Run Support in Games Started

  • Total runs in Starts, Avg. is per 27 outs
Run Support in Games Started
Avg 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Other Game Totals
4.7621111210737410, 12 and 14 runs

Team Pitching Gamelog

Team Pitching Gamelog
Rk Gtm Date Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
11Jul 24@CHWW,10-59.0955038105.003815210400003530000015Bill WelkeJ.Berrios (99-28), T.May (99-W), T.Clippard (99-H), T.Duffey (99), C.Stashak (99)
22Jul 25@CHWL,3-108.01410100411507.944217111300003810000004Pat HobergR.Dobnak (99-53-L), Z.Littell (99), D.Smeltzer (99), M.Wisler (99)
33Jul 26@CHWW,14-29.06220510105.883716510610003220000013Ramon De JesusK.Maeda (99-56-W), L.Thorpe (99), M.Wisler (0)
44Jul 28STLW,6-39.0733029215.14361519300003320000015Jeremie RehakH.Bailey (99-53-W), T.Clippard (3), C.Stashak (3), T.May (3), S.Romo (99-Sv)
55Jul 29STLW,3-09.0300019004.09301258000002900000005Jerry MealsR.Hill (99-64-W), T.Duffey (4-H), S.Romo (0-H), T.Clippard (0-H), T.Rogers (99-Sv)
66Jul 30CLEL,0-29.0722057113.74371569300003100000023Ed HickoxJ.Berrios (5-57-L), Z.Littell (4), L.Thorpe (3)
77Jul 31CLEW,4-19.0511038003.343415210000103110000005Jordan BakerR.Dobnak (5-63-W), T.Clippard (1), T.Duffey (1-H), S.Romo (1-H), T.Rogers (1-Sv)
Aug Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
88Aug 1CLEW,3-09.02000311002.92321358500102900000004Jeremie RehakK.Maeda (5-75-W), T.May (3-H), C.Stashak (3-H), T.Rogers (0-Sv)
99Aug 2CLEW,3-19.02110210002.70311308300002910000106Jerry MealsT.Clippard (1-57), D.Smeltzer (7-W), M.Wisler (6-H), T.Duffey (1-H), T.May (0-H), S.Romo (1-Sv)
1010Aug 3PITW,5-49.0943147102.73371388400103310000014John TumpaneL.Thorpe (3-37), J.Alcala (99), M.Wisler (0), T.Rogers (1-W)
1111Aug 4PITW,7-39.0933059002.76401549420003411001013Jose NavasJ.Berrios (4-63-W), C.Thielbar (99), T.May (1-Sv)
1212Aug 5@PITW,5-29.0422016102.69311227700013010000004Jeff NelsonR.Dobnak (4-67-W), C.Stashak (3-H), T.Duffey (2-H), J.Alcala (1)
1313Aug 6@PITL,5-68.1766028102.97341228200203210000004CB BucknorK.Maeda (4-57), T.Clippard (3-H), S.Romo (3-H), T.Rogers (2-BL)
1414Aug 7@KCRL,2-38.0833024102.99331157010113020010004John TumpaneD.Smeltzer (4-48), M.Wisler (3-L), C.Thielbar (2), S.Poppen (99)
1515Aug 8@KCRL,6-98.012990510413.434118510811313510000005Jose NavasJ.Odorizzi (99-43), L.Thorpe (4-L), C.Stashak (2), J.Alcala (2), S.Poppen (0)
1616Aug 9@KCRL,2-48.0844056103.49361378510113020001003Jeff NelsonJ.Berrios (4-37-L), T.Clippard (2), C.Gearrin (99)
1717Aug 10@MILW,4-29.0822018103.40361519700003520000005Ed HickoxR.Dobnak (4-57-W), T.May (5-H), T.Duffey (4-H), S.Romo (3-H), T.Rogers (3-Sv)
1818Aug 11@MILL,4-68.0966008403.57331148110003310000006Jerry MealsT.Clippard (1-49), C.Stashak (2), M.Wisler (3-H), T.May (0-BSv), T.Duffey (0), T.Rogers (0-L)
1919Aug 12@MILW,12-29.0722018003.48351238920003420000003Jordan BakerK.Maeda (5-60-W), C.Thielbar (4), L.Thorpe (3)
2020Aug 15(1)KCRW,4-27.05220010103.45251177800002510000014John TumpaneJ.Odorizzi (6-54), T.Duffey (3-W), S.Romo (4-H), T.Rogers (3-Sv)
2121Aug 15(2)KCRL,2-47.0844059103.51311277600112610000003Jose NavasJ.Berrios (5-39-L), J.Alcala (6), Z.Littell (15)
2222Aug 16KCRW,4-29.0522018203.44311237920003000000015John BaconR.Dobnak (5-56-W), T.Clippard (4-H), T.May (4-H), T.Rogers (0-H), S.Romo (0-Sv)
2323Aug 17KCRW,4-19.0711029113.33351378810103220000006Jeff NelsonM.Wisler (5-58), D.Smeltzer (9-W), T.Clippard (0-H), T.Duffey (1-H), T.May (0), Z.Littell (1)
2424Aug 18MILW,4-312.04321415003.224417611411104010000004Jeremie RehakK.Maeda (5-86), T.Rogers (1-BSv), C.Thielbar (5), J.Alcala (2-W)
2525Aug 19MILL,3-99.01199075413.464315910220013510000024Ed HickoxR.Hill (20-32-L), C.Thielbar (0), L.Thorpe (6), E.Adrianza (99)
2626Aug 20MILW,7-19.0511019103.37321288600003100000014Jerry MealsJ.Berrios (4-78-W), T.Duffey (2-H), S.Romo (3-H), Z.Littell (2)
2727Aug 21@KCRL,2-78.01077018213.52361419431003410000005Jeremie RehakJ.Odorizzi (5-26-L), J.Alcala (2), Z.Littell (0), C.Thielbar (1), T.May (3)
2828Aug 22@KCRW,7-29.01022038113.46401438720103410000034Ed HickoxR.Dobnak (5-44-W), T.Duffey (1-H), T.Clippard (4), D.Coulombe (99)
2929Aug 23@KCRW,5-49.09440410013.48421519511203730000107Jordan BakerM.Wisler (5-55), D.Smeltzer (5), T.May (1-H), S.Poppen (14-H), S.Romo (2-H), T.Clippard (0-W), T.Rogers (4-Sv)
3030Aug 24@CLEW,3-29.012220114103.434015410400013920000105Ron KulpaK.Maeda (5-59-W), C.Thielbar (2-H), T.May (0-H), S.Romo (0-H), T.Rogers (0-Sv)
3131Aug 25@CLEL,2-48.0744058103.46331378400212810000013Chris SegalR.Hill (5-58), J.Alcala (3-BL), S.Poppen (1)
3232Aug 26@CLEL,3-68.010660610113.56391559441103130001015Manny GonzalezJ.Berrios (5-45), T.Clippard (2), T.Duffey (3), S.Romo (1-L), D.Coulombe (3)
3333Aug 29(1)@DETL,2-86.01687132003.70331086432002930001042Todd TichenorR.Dobnak (6-14-L), L.Thorpe (9)
3434Aug 29(2)@DETL,2-46.0544067203.75281166630002200000015Chris SegalM.Wisler (5-53), T.May (4), T.Clippard (2), T.Duffey (2-L), J.Alcala (3)
3535Aug 30@DETL,2-38.06330012203.74301187600003001000002Ron KulpaK.Maeda (5-56-L), C.Thielbar (5)
3636Aug 31CHWL,5-89.01185369103.784518511730003930000106D.J. ReyburnR.Hill (5-44), T.Duffey (1), T.Clippard (1-BSv), T.May (1), S.Romo (4), T.Rogers (6-L)
September Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
3737Sep 1CHWW,3-29.0722018003.73341339400003310000014Laz DiazM.Pineda (99-55), C.Thielbar (1-W), S.Romo (0-H), M.Wisler (2-Sv)
3838Sep 2CHWW,8-19.04110211013.65351369100003210000103Ryan BlakneyJ.Berrios (6-68-W), J.Alcala (3), D.Smeltzer (9)
3939Sep 4(1)DETW,2-07.0500017003.5725925900002400000023Todd TichenorR.Dobnak (5-62-W), T.Duffey (3-H), T.Rogers (3-Sv)
4040Sep 4(2)DETW,3-28.0622029003.54321409310103001000006Chris SegalM.Wisler (2-58), S.Poppen (9), C.Thielbar (2), T.Clippard (3), S.Romo (2-W), T.May (3-Sv)
4141Sep 5DETW,4-39.07330112103.53341359822013300000003Alex TosiK.Maeda (5-63), T.Clippard (0), J.Alcala (2-W)
4242Sep 6DETL,8-109.0171091111313.674418112010104231000015Ron KulpaR.Hill (5-52), T.May (1), T.Duffey (1-BSv), S.Romo (1-L), D.Smeltzer (3)
4343Sep 7DETW,6-29.03220312003.63331378700003020000003Manny GonzalezM.Pineda (5-69-W), C.Stashak (26-H), T.Rogers (2)
4444Sep 8(1)@STLW,7-37.04330211103.63271368911002500000003Tim TimmonsJ.Berrios (5-53-W), M.Wisler (3-H), S.Romo (1)
4545Sep 8(2)@STLL,4-66.0566066023.72321357852002400000116D.J. ReyburnR.Dobnak (3-34-L), C.Thielbar (3), T.Clippard (2), T.May (1), J.Alcala (2), S.Poppen (3)
4646Sep 11CLEW,3-19.0611027103.65331238200003110000013Chad WhitsonK.Maeda (5-74-W), S.Romo (2-H), T.Rogers (3-Sv)
4747Sep 12CLEW,8-49.06431412103.643716710611103221001005Mark CarlsonR.Hill (5-56-W), M.Wisler (3-H), T.Clippard (3-H), T.Duffey (5-H), T.Rogers (0)
4848Sep 13CLEW,7-59.013550312003.674218812341203720002005James HoyeM.Pineda (5-43), C.Thielbar (4-W), T.May (4-H), C.Stashak (5-H), S.Romo (1-Sv)
4949Sep 14@CHWL,1-38.0933057013.663916610420003320000005Angel HernandezJ.Berrios (5-52), M.Wisler (1), T.Duffey (1), T.Rogers (1-L), J.Alcala (5)
5050Sep 15@CHWL,2-68.01266017223.72381649820203510000013Will LittleR.Dobnak (6-34-L), T.Clippard (2), J.Alcala (0)
5151Sep 16@CHWW,5-19.02110110103.66301388600012800000004Nic LentzJ.Odorizzi (25-55), C.Stashak (2-W), T.Duffey (1-H), T.May (2)
5252Sep 17@CHWL,3-48.09440211213.683516010452203220000016Dan BellinoK.Maeda (5-57), M.Wisler (2-H), T.May (0-H), T.Clippard (1-L), S.Romo (3-BSv), C.Thielbar (3)
5353Sep 18@CHCL,0-18.0311046003.63311187000102700000002Angel HernandezR.Hill (5-70-L), C.Thielbar (0)
5454Sep 19@CHCW,8-19.0511009013.58331489800003210000004Will LittleM.Pineda (5-56-W), T.Duffey (2-H), M.Wisler (1), T.Clippard (1)
5555Sep 20@CHCW,4-09.04000311013.51361438800003210000004Nic LentzJ.Berrios (5-67-W), T.May (2), T.Rogers (5), S.Romo (2)
5656Sep 22DETW,5-410.0942247013.484216110861003720000127Tim TimmonsH.Bailey (55-53), C.Stashak (5), T.May (1-H), T.Duffey (2-BSv), T.Clippard (2), S.Romo (1), T.Rogers (1-W)
5757Sep 23DETW,7-69.011660111203.524016211052103910000106Laz DiazK.Maeda (5-61-W), M.Wisler (3), T.Clippard (0-H), J.Alcala (7), C.Thielbar (4), S.Romo (0-Sv)
5858Sep 25CINL,2-79.0977048303.594015110030003610000005Ryan BlakneyJ.Berrios (4-46-L), C.Thielbar (1), T.May (2), E.Colina (99), J.Alcala (1)
5959Sep 26CINW,7-39.0733039013.583715610021103210001005D.J. ReyburnM.Pineda (6-47), T.Clippard (2-W), C.Stashak (3-H), T.Rogers (3-H), T.Duffey (3)
6060Sep 27CINL,3-510.08541511003.584118211453203620000017Tim TimmonsR.Hill (8-62), M.Wisler (3-BSv), T.Clippard (0-BSv), T.May (1), C.Thielbar (1-L), S.Romo (3), J.Alcala (1)

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