Past Franchise Names

All-Time Top 12 Players

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Franchise History

Franchise History
Year Tm Lg G W L Ties W-L% pythW-L% Finish GB Playoffs R RA Attendance BatAge PAge #Bat #P Top Player Managers
1948New York Black YankeesNN2479380.191.2086th of 624.57615830.731.92611G.Crowe (0.7)M.Barker (11-39)
1947New York Black YankeesNN25912434.218.3326th of 628.016123629.934.13412M.Barker (0.9)M.Barker (17-48)
1946New York Black YankeesNN26012480.200.1806th of 633.013430730.332.54516A.Newkirk (1.8)M.Barker (18-49)
1945New York Black YankeesNN23711260.297.3466th of 616.513218731.734.4269N.Stanley (2.1)G.Scales (5-18), W.Wells (3-7) and M.Barker (6-11)
1944New York Black YankeesNN2397320.179.1276th of 624.55916931.436.0319H.Williams (10-38)
1943New York Black YankeesNN2304242.143.1987th of 729.513027931.131.53811M.Barker (0.7)T.Burnett (6-32)
1942New York Black YankeesNN23610251.286.3065th of 621.512820030.227.43012E.Smith (1.1)T.Burnett (14-28)
1941New York Black YankeesNN23616200.444.3324th of 616.511817333.637.23514N.Stanley (1.3)T.Burnett (21-30)
1940New York Black YankeesNN23712250.324.3095th of 614.012719730.131.1279H.Spearman (1.1)T.Burnett (16-28)
1939New York Black YankeesNN24119184.514.3953rd of 78.013717331.032.2228T.McDuffie (1.8)G.Scales (19-18)
1938New York Black YankeesNN24011281.282.3026th of 722.512419630.832.53115B.Brown (2.1)W.Cannady (11-28)
1937New York Black YankeesNN25422302.423.4024th of 617.517722032.130.02310B.Brown (2.0)B.Clarke (23-32)
1936New York Black YankeesNN23821161.568.6122nd of 75.019014831.731.3197B.Holland (2.6)B.Clarke (22-16)