Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
190934BirminghamBLKN/A1 of 1633.500
191035West BadenBLKNon1 of 111010.000
191136West BadenBLKNon1 of 1231112.478
191237West BadenBLKN/A1 of 1271116.407
191338West BadenBLKN/A1 of 1432120.512
191439IndianapolisBLKNon1 of 1704029.580
191540Royal PoincianaFLHLWtr1 of 11569.400
191540IndianapolisBLKNon1 of 1623725.597
191540IndianapolisCNCSFgn1 of 1
191641IndianapolisBLKNon1 of 1442318.561
191742IndianapolisBLKNon1 of 1632633.441
191843IndianapolisBLKNon1 of 1462518.581
192045IndianapolisNNLMajABC1 of 1974943.533
192146IndianapolisNNLMajABC1 of 11135555.500
12 Seasons620307291.513
Non (7 seasons)319162145.528
N/A (3 seasons)763539.473
Maj (2 seasons)21010498.515
Wtr (1 season)1569.400
Fgn (1 season)

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Chadwick ID: 99961a5b

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