Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
188931PittsburghNLMajPIT1 of 3462618.591
189032PittsburghPLMajPBB1 of 11316071.458
189133PittsburghNLMajPIT1 of 2783147.397
189234BaltimoreNLMajBLN1 of 31334385.336
189335BaltimoreNLMajBLN1 of 11306070.462
189436BaltimoreNLMajBLN1 of 11298939.695
189537BaltimoreNLMajBLN1 of 11328643.667
189638BaltimoreNLMajBLN1 of 11329039.698
189739BaltimoreNLMajBLN1 of 11369040.692
189840BaltimoreNLMajBLN1 of 11549553.642
189941BrooklynNLMajBRO1 of 11509947.678
190042BrooklynNLMajBRO1 of 11428154.600
190143BrooklynNLMajBRO1 of 11377956.585
190244BrooklynNLMajBRO1 of 11417563.543
190345BrooklynNLMajBRO1 of 11397066.515
190446BrooklynNLMajBRO1 of 11545697.366
190547BrooklynNLMajBRO1 of 115548104.316
190648CincinnatiNLMajCIN1 of 11556487.424
190749CincinnatiNLMajCIN1 of 11566687.431
19 Seasons253013081166.529

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