Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
194733St. PaulAAAAABRO1 of 21566985.448
196147Salt Lake CityPCLAAACLE1 of 21546787.435
196551San FranciscoNLMajSFG1 of 11639567.586
196652San FranciscoNLMajSFG1 of 11619368.578
196753San FranciscoNLMajSFG1 of 11629171.562
196854San FranciscoNLMajSFG1 of 11638874.543
197763ChicagoNLMajCHC1 of 11628181.500
197864ChicagoNLMajCHC1 of 11627983.488
197965ChicagoNLMajCHC1 of 21557877.503
9 Seasons1438741693.517
Maj (7 seasons)1128605521.537
AAA (2 seasons)310136172.442

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Chadwick ID: 83452936