Minnesota Twins Top Prospects

Baseball America
Before 2020 Season
26 Royce Lewis SS
31 Alex Kirilloff OF
45 Trevor Larnach OF
95 Jordan Balazovic RHP
96 Jhoan Duran RHP
After 2020 Season
18 Alex Kirilloff OF
29 Royce Lewis SS
39 Trevor Larnach OF
60 Ryan Jeffers C
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Before 2020 Season
9 Royce Lewis SS
32 Alex Kirilloff OF/1B
81 Trevor Larnach OF
86 Jordan Balazovic RHP
After 2020 Season
17 Royce Lewis SS
26 Alex Kirilloff OF/1B
80 Trevor Larnach OF
97 Jordan Balazovic RHP
Rankings are by Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com.
Before 2020 Season
21 Royce Lewis SS
85 Trevor Larnach OF
86 Alex Kirilloff OF
After 2020 Season
31 Royce Lewis SS
71 Alex Kirilloff OF
83 Trevor Larnach OF
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