Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1994 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1994 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
117 (16)Apr 26TEXDETW,6-1CG399.030030RF
218Apr 27TEXTORW,11-3CG359.050050RF
320 (1)Apr 29TEX@CLEL,4-5GS369.000000RF
421Apr 30TEX@CLEW,14-6GS317.010010RF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
522May 1TEX@CLEW,5-4GS329.050050RF CF
623May 2TEX@DETL,8-10CG459.140040RF
725 (1)May 4TEX@DETL,7-14GS397.030030RF
827 (1)May 7TEXMINL,7-9GS367.010010RF
928May 8TEXMINL,2-5GS359.040040RF CF
1029May 9TEXCALW,11-3GF82.000000PH RF
1130May 10 suspTEXCALL,6-8CG4410.030030RF
1231May 11TEXCALL,1-13GF62.000000CF
1332May 13TEXCHWW,11-7GS419.020020RF CF
1447 (14)May 29TEXBOSW,8-6GF134.110010RF
1548May 30TEX@MILW,5-4CG399.001010RF
1649May 31TEX@MILW,7-4CG399.010010RF
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1750Jun 1TEX@MILL,1-8CG408.010010RF
1852 (1)Jun 4TEX@BOSW,10-4CG379.020020CF
1953Jun 5TEX@BOSW,10-7CG4710.030030CF
2054Jun 6TEXNYYL,7-17CG539.010120CF
2156 (1)Jun 8TEXNYYW,6-5GS439.010010RF CF
2260 (3)Jun 12TEXKCRL,2-7CG409.010010RF
2361Jun 13TEXSEAW,17-9CG409.030030RF
2462Jun 14TEXSEAL,6-7CG5813.030030RF
2563Jun 15TEXSEAL,2-5CG419.010010RF
2666 (2)Jun 18TEXOAKL,10-11CG439.040040CF
2767Jun 19TEXOAKL,0-5GS368.010010RF
2868Jun 20TEX@CHWW,12-6CG439.020020RF
2969Jun 21TEX@CHWL,4-5GS459.220020RF CF
3071 (1)Jun 24TEX@CALW,2-1GF41.000000RF
3172Jun 25TEX@CALL,7-12GF203.000000PR CF
3274 (1)Jun 28TEX@MINW,10-6GF143.010010PH CF
3375Jun 29TEX@MINW,11-10GF41.000000PH CF
3476Jun 30TEX@MINL,4-6GS327.031040CF
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3577Jul 1 (1)TEXDETW,10-6CG419.030030CF
3678Jul 1 (2)TEXDETW,8-6CG419.040040CF
3779Jul 2TEXDETL,1-6CG399.020020CF
3880Jul 3TEXDETW,5-3CG349.030030CF
3981Jul 4TEXDETW,4-3CG419.010010CF
4094 (12)Jul 20TEX@CLEW,13-11GS5512.050050CF
4195Jul 21TEX@TORL,3-9CG418.050050CF
4296Jul 22TEX@TORL,2-3CG328.000000CF
4397Jul 23TEX@TORL,1-9CG388.040040CF
4498Jul 24TEX@TORL,2-4GS297.020020CF
4599Jul 25TEXMINW,7-4CG389.050050CF
46100Jul 26TEXMINW,8-7CG419.020020CF
47101Jul 27TEXMINL,0-1CG359.030030CF
48103 (1)Jul 29TEXCALW,5-3GF112.000000PH CF
49104Jul 30TEXCALL,4-14GF163.040150CF
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
50106 (1)Aug 2TEXCHWL,2-6CG409.040040CF
51107Aug 3TEXCHWW,11-8GS286.040040CF
52111 (3)Aug 7TEX@OAKL,3-8CG348.000000RF
53114 (2)Aug 10TEXSEAL,2-3GS307.010010RF

1994 Fielding Game Log (as CF)

1994 Fielding Game Log (as RF)

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