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Team Record in Appearances: 37-30

Days of Rest

Inning/Score Appearance Matrix

Multiple inning appearances: 31,    Entered with runners on base: 27

1996 Pitching Game Log

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1996 Pitching Game Log
Rk Gcar Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
1241Apr 1STL@NYML,6-78-GF(8)991.010001000.00414101412110000003000000.720.031.710.02%0.50 8b --- 0 out d1 8b end d 1
2253Apr 4STL@NYML,9-108-821.000011000.00415721200000000030000001.510.1061.480.06%0.50 8b --- 0 out tie 8b 3 out tie
3264Apr 5STL@ATLW,5-49-901.000020000.00523940210000000020010003.460.1473.270.08%0.55 9b --- 0 out tie 9b 3 out tie
4275Apr 6STL@ATLW,3-29-10BS(1)02.020014000.009372256221002100080000004.790.1834.900.11%1.12 9b 12- 0 out a110b 3 out tie
5289Apr 11STLPHIW,2-19-GFS(1)41.000001000.002010001001020000003.020.2813.080.17%0.91 9t 1-- 0 out a1 9t end a 1
62910Apr 12STLPHIW,6-18-8H(1)00.200000000.0029720110100000020000001.870.0951.920.06%0.41 8t --- 0 out a1 8t --- 2 out a1
73012Apr 14STLPHIW,6-56-8W(1-0)13.000011000.0010261522350102000090000002.280.4482.460.29%2.56 6t 12- 0 out a1 8t 3 out a1
83117Apr 19STL@PHIW,1-06-741.210012000.007221000000060000001.310.0911.420.06%0.59 6b --- 0 out tie 7b 12- 2 out tie
93220Apr 22STL@MONL,0-87-721.013002110.00625156321100000005000001.06-0.013.07-0.01%-2.47 7b --- 0 out d5 7b 3 out d8
103321Apr 23STL@MONL,11-128-GFL(1-1)01.111102100.665231862120100000050000001.69-0.2461.98-0.17%-0.22 8b --- 0 out tie 9b end d 1
113424Apr 26STLATLL,1-68-GF21.210003000.59627193521000100006000000. 8t 1-- 1 out d6 9t end d 6
123527Apr 30STL@CHCL,6-76-732.000021000.52840257514010000006000000.390.057.450.04%1.07 6b --- 0 out d2 7b 3 out d2
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
133631May 5STL@SDPL,4-108-GF(8)41.020000000.49514200000005000000. 8b --- 0 out d6 8b end d 6
143732May 7STLSFGL,2-47-811.200001000.45521134422010000005000000.390.050.360.03%0.79 7t --- 1 out d2 8t 3 out d2
153833May 8STLSFGL,7-108-801.020010000.43611601141101100050000001.49-0.0241.29-0.01%0.14 8t -2- 0 out d1 8t 3 out d2
163935May 10STLLADL,2-310-1011.010010000.41415921210100000030001003.360.1412.900.07%0.5210t --- 0 out tie10t 3 out tie
174037May 12STLLADW,6-57-7H(2)11.011111000.785121000000041000002.03-0.0261.51-0.01%-0.48 7t --- 0 out a2 7t 3 out a1
184138May 13STL@FLAL,2-56-6BS(2)00.112210101.54313521021002200020000002.73-0.5122.28-0.26%-3.56 6b 12- 2 out a1 6b 3 out d3
194242May 18STL@COLL,8-96-8H(3)41.221101001.80722152324110100007200000.900.081.680.04%0.22 6b 1-- 2 out a2 8b --- 1 out a3
204345May 21STL@HOUW,8-28-GF21.200000001.69521163214210200005000000. 8b 12- 1 out a6 9b end a 6
214446May 22STL@HOUW,5-29-GFS(2)00.100000001.6712100010002000010000001.620.0501.840.03%0.59 9b -23 2 out a3 9b end a 3
224547May 24STL@FLAW,4-27-GFS(3)12.100004001.537362274030101000070000001.220.2221.150.13%1.25 7b 1-- 2 out a2 9b end a 2
234651May 28STLCOLL,5-68-9BL(1-2)31.113321002.357341852132100000050000003.33-0.5613.23-0.33%-1.66 8t --- 0 out a1 9t -2- 1 out d1
244753May 31STLHOUW,6-48-9H(4)21.211110102.517291661330000000060000001.090.0751.470.06%-0.07 8t --- 0 out a3 9t --- 2 out a2
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
254857Jun 4STL@SDPW,11-58-GF32.010014002.36841256721000000007000000. 8b --- 0 out a6 9b end a 6
264959Jun 7STL@SFGW,9-49-GF21.000001002.2931084102010000003000000. 9b --- 0 out a5 9b end a 5
275063Jun 11STL@LADW,6-38-931.032102002.48620164413200100006100000.440.000.480.00%-0.65 8b --3 2 out a5 9b 1-3 2 out a4
285165Jun 14STLNYMW,13-49-GF21.000001002.413750120000000003000000. 9t --- 0 out a9 9t end a 9
295271Jun 21STL@MONL,3-48-1062.130021002.2712422543542201000081010003.430.2674.700.22%1.24 8b 1-- 1 out tie10b --3 2 out tie
305376Jun 26STL@ATLW,11-77-740.112210002.703831011100000002100000.92-0.0321.19-0.03%-0.68 7b --- 0 out a5 7b 1-3 1 out a5
315480Jun 30STLPITW,10-37-731.000001002.6331283220000000003000000. 7t --- 0 out a9 7t 3 out a9
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
325581Jul 1STLCINL,5-87-GF03.010003002.45934266933100000109000000.200.047.340.05%1.55 7t --- 0 out d3 9t end d 3
335684Jul 4STL@PITW,7-18-821.010000002.4041490231000000004000000. 8b --- 0 out a6 8b 3 out a6
345786Jul 6STL@PITW,9-59-GF11.010001002.354972021000000004000000.260.021.430.02%0.54 9b --- 0 out a4 9b end a 4
355887Jul 7STL@PITL,2-85-601.210003002.27626197612000100006100000. 5b -2- 1 out d6 6b 3 out d6
365990Jul 13STL@CHCW,10-59-950.113331002.81526102301100000002000000.11-0.005.21-0.01%-2.08 9b --- 0 out a8 9b 123 1 out a7
376092Jul 15STL@CINW,8-38-GF12.010001002.70730193533100100007100000.520.040.980.05%1.44 8b 1-- 0 out a5 9b end a 5
386195Jul 18STLCHCL,5-69-GF20.110000002.6826501022002100020000002.89-0.3194.21-0.28%-0.55 9t 12- 2 out tie 9t end d 1
396298Jul 21STLCHCW,6-57-8H(5)21.110003002.615171353020001000050000002.260.1953.700.19%0.89 7t --3 2 out a1 8t 3 out a1
406399Jul 22STLATLL,6-87-8L(1-3)01.122200102.896342234332001000060000001.31-0.2901.91-0.25%-1.25 7t 1-- 2 out tie 8t 3 out d2
4164103Jul 26STLMONL,1-58-831.011110003.0051693131010000003000000.25-0.027.50-0.03%-0.48 8t --- 0 out d3 8t 3 out d4
4265105Jul 28STLMONW,6-49-GFS(4)10.100000002.9812200010002000010000002.870.0745.700.09%0.45 9t 12- 2 out a2 9t end a 2
4366106Jul 30STL@PHIL,7-88-GFL(1-4)10.241100003.116181320153001000060000003.34-0.3086.15-0.34%-1.84 8b 1-- 2 out tie 9b end d 1
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
4467110Aug 3STL@NYML,4-57-GF(8)32.000011003.00722155305110000006000000.360.054.690.06%0.99 7b --- 0 out d2 8b end d 1
4568113Aug 6STLSDPL,0-18-GF22.010013002.90727165321000000106000000.720.0941.380.11%1.04 8t --- 0 out d1 9t end d 1
4669115Aug 8STLSFGL,3-58-810.100011002.882942100000100001000000.970.0251.820.03%0.37 8t --3 2 out d2 8t 3 out d2
4770116Aug 9STLSFGL,6-87-802.000013002.79734205312010000006000000. 7t --- 0 out d5 8t 3 out d4
4871119Aug 13STLLADL,4-84-532.021103112.84933207332000000008100000.05-0.006.10-0.01%0.04 4t --- 0 out d7 5t 3 out d8
4972121Aug 15STLLADL,2-59-GF10.200002002.81200000000002000000. 9t --- 1 out d3 9t end d 3
5073123Aug 17STLFLAW,4-38-8W(2-4)11.000001002.77316941110100000030000001.420.1092.920.13%0.52 8t --- 0 out tie 8t 3 out tie
5174125Aug 20STL@COLL,4-512-GF(13)L(2-5)21.022202103.005151242121002000050000004.14-0.5248.91-0.68%-0.6612b 12- 1 out tie13b end d 1
5275128Aug 23STL@HOUW,1-08-8H(6)21.020001002.965151141043000000050000002.540.1387.940.26%0.48 8b --- 0 out a1 8b 3 out a1
5376131Aug 26STL@HOUW,3-28-8H(7)20.200001002.9327513010100000020000001.530.0765.040.15%0.25 8b --- 1 out a1 8b 3 out a1
5477133Aug 28STLFLAL,2-37-812.000003002.846231761120000000060000001.290.1982.910.27%1.04 7t --- 0 out tie 8t 3 out tie
5578135Aug 30STLCOLW,7-47-9H(8)12.021101102.89824183316200100008000000.660.1001.330.12%0.17 7t --3 2 out a1 9t 1-- 2 out a3
Sept Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
5679138Sep 2STLHOUW,8-77-822.010003002.81713100000007000000.870.1113.290.25%1.04 7t --- 0 out d1 8t 3 out d1
5780140Sep 4STLHOUW,6-48-810.221100002.91417112013200001004100000.32-0.0141.43-0.04%-0.81 8t --- 0 out a4 8t -2- 2 out a3
5881141Sep 6STLSDPW,8-37-811.120001002.85624184414100100006000000.420.0201.100.03%0.76 7t 1-- 2 out a5 8t 3 out a5
5982142Sep 7STLSDPW,8-38-800.200001002.83201000200002000000.550.0271.490.04%0.93 8t 12- 1 out a5 8t 3 out a5
6083144Sep 9STL@SFGW,6-28-810.200000002.812641002010000002000000.250.012.690.02%0.26 8b --- 1 out a4 8b 3 out a4
6184148Sep 13STL@LADW,2-06-731.210001002.757322253330101000070000012.210.1636.380.28%1.00 6b 1-- 1 out tie 7b 3 out tie
6285151Sep 17STLCHCW,5-39-GFS(5)30.100000002.7312210010001000010000001.320.0383.440.06%0.33 9t -2- 2 out a2 9t end a 2
6386153Sep 19STLCHCW,5-49-9BS(4)11.010020002.706201011221001100041020005.44-0.0783.60-0.03%-0.09 9t 1-- 0 out a1 9t 3 out tie
6487155Sep 22(1)STL@CINL,3-67-7BL(2-6)21.034421003.118291781141100000061100001.34-0.559.09-0.02%-3.48 7b --- 0 out a1 7b 3 out d3
6588158Sep 24STL@PITW,7-18-810.210002003.0931075101100000003000000.620.020.010.00%0.30 8b --- 0 out a4 8b 1-- 2 out a4
6689159Sep 25STL@PITW,8-711-GF(11)S(6)01.000001003.05310731200000000030000002.740.213.000.00%0.5411b --- 0 out a111b end a 1
6790162Sep 29STLCINL,3-68-831.010010003.01524176213300000004000000.430.016.000.00%0.52 8t --- 0 out d3 8t 3 out d3

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