Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1942 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1942 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 14DETCLEL,2-5CG389.020020
22Apr 15DETCLEW,6-2CG379.000110
34 (1)Apr 17DET@SLBL,6-7GS357.010010
45Apr 18DET@SLBW,4-0CG359.010010
56Apr 19 (1)DET@SLBL,1-2CG288.000000
67Apr 19 (2)DET@SLBW,1-0CG369.000000
78Apr 20DET@CHWL,1-3CG338.000000
89Apr 21DET@CHWW,4-2CG369.010010
910Apr 22DET@CHWL,1-3CG358.010010
1011Apr 23DETCHWW,9-0CG339.010010
1113 (1)Apr 25DETSLBW,4-2CG369.051061
1214Apr 26 (1)DETSLBW,10-5GS265.000000
1315Apr 26 (2)DETSLBW,7-5GS0 00000
1416Apr 28DET@BOSL,1-6CG388.000000
1517Apr 29DET@BOSW,4-2CG09.000000
1618Apr 30DET@BOSL,3-8CG398.001010
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1719May 1DET@NYYW,7-2CG349.020020
1821 (1)May 3 (1)DET@PHAW,8-7CG419.010120
1922May 3 (2)DET@PHAL,0-1CG288.000000
2024 (1)May 5DET@PHAL,1-2CG338.000000
2125May 6DET@WSHL,0-7CG388.010010
2226May 9DETCLEW,1-0CG226.000000
2328 (1)May 10 (2)DET@CLEL,5-6CG429.020020
2429May 11DET@CLEL,5-8GS215.041051
2530May 13DETWSHW,6-2CG329.030030
2631May 16 (1)DETNYYL,1-6CG409.010010
2732May 16 (2)DETNYYL,1-2CG379.000000
2833May 17DETBOSW,4-3CG4010.010010
2934May 18DETBOSL,2-4CG389.000000
3047 (12)May 30 (2)DETCHWL,5-12CG489.010010
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3149 (1)Jun 2DET@PHAW,3-0CG349.000110
3250Jun 3DET@PHAL,1-5CG08.020020
3351Jun 4DET@PHAW,8-7CG09.030030
3452Jun 5DET@WSHL,2-3CG439.201010
3553Jun 6 (1)DET@WSHW,9-3CG349.030030
3654Jun 6 (2)DET@WSHL,3-11CG438.000000
3755Jun 7 (1)DET@WSHW,6-4CG379.010010
3856Jun 7 (2)DET@WSHL,0-8CG08.010120
3957Jun 9DET@NYYL,1-4CG358.020020
4058Jun 10DET@NYYW,4-1CG4311.030030
4159Jun 13DET@BOSL,5-6CG448.100000
4260Jun 14 (1)DET@BOSL,2-3CG348.000000
4361Jun 14 (2)DET@BOSL,1-2CG4210.000000
4462Jun 16 (1)DETNYYW,7-6CG409.010010
4563Jun 16 (2)DETNYYL,3-5CG419.010010
4664Jun 17DETNYYW,1-0CG329.010010
4765Jun 18DETNYYW,3-1CG359.010010
4866Jun 19DETWSHW,5-1CG379.010010
4967Jun 20DETWSHW,7-6CG409.000000
5068Jun 21 (1)DETWSHW,4-1CG349.010010
5169Jun 21 (2)DETWSHL,2-3CG4210.060060
5271 (1)Jun 24DETBOSL,0-1CG359.000110
5372Jun 25DETBOSW,7-3CG09.000000
5473Jun 26DETPHAW,3-1CG359.000000
5574Jun 27DETPHAW,6-5CG013.010010
5675Jun 28 (1)DETPHAW,3-2CG09.020020
5776Jun 28 (2)DETPHAL,0-3CG09.030030
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5877Jul 1DETSLBL,0-12CG469.000000
5978Jul 2DETSLBW,5-4CG419.000000
6079Jul 3DET@CLEW,5-1CG359.020020
6181 (1)Jul 4 (2)DET@CLET,3-3CG4110.050050
6282Jul 5 (1)DETCLEW,10-1CG339.020020
6383Jul 5 (2)DETCLEL,1-5CG389.030140
6486 (2)Jul 12 (1)DET@NYYW,6-4CG359.050050
6587Jul 12 (2)DET@NYYL,1-3CG5512.120020
6689 (1)Jul 14DET@NYYL,0-3CG328.010010
6790Jul 15DET@WSHL,3-4CG010.140040
6891Jul 16DET@WSHL,5-6CG09.210010
6992Jul 17DET@WSHL,0-3CG368.000000
7093Jul 19 (1)DET@PHAW,2-1CG349.010010
7194Jul 19 (2)DET@PHAL,3-4CG368.010010
7295Jul 21DETWSHW,6-4CG399.000000
7396Jul 22DETWSHL,1-2CG09.010010
7497Jul 23DETWSHL,3-5CG419.030030
7598Jul 24DETNYYL,0-3CG389.020020
7699Jul 25DETNYYL,2-7CG479.010010
77100Jul 26DETNYYL,2-5CG449.030030
78101Jul 29DETPHAW,12-7CG419.020020
79103 (1)Jul 30 (2)DETPHAL,6-7CG419.000000
80104Jul 31DETBOSL,6-7CG439.000110
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
81105Aug 1DETBOSL,8-9CG499.010010
82106Aug 2 (1)DETBOSW,8-4CG389.000000
83107Aug 2 (2)DETBOSW,6-2CG439.000110
84108Aug 4DET@CHWL,4-5CG368.000110
85121 (12)Aug 15DETCHWL,2-4CG4210.010010
86122Aug 16 (1)DETCHWW,3-2CG4411.040040
87124 (1)Aug 19DETCLEW,6-1CG359.000000
88125Aug 21DETSLBW,4-1CG389.030030
89126Aug 23 (1)DETSLBL,1-2CG379.010010
90127Aug 23 (2)DETSLBL,2-4CG4210.020020
91128Aug 26 (1)DET@PHAW,1-0CG419.040040
92129Aug 26 (2)DET@PHAW,4-2CG319.030030
93130Aug 28DET@WSHW,10-7CG6514.020020
94131Aug 29DET@WSHL,1-4CG348.000110
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
95135 (3)Sep 2 (1)DET@BOSL,2-3CG388.220020
96136Sep 2 (2)DET@BOSL,2-4CG378.000000
97137Sep 3DET@BOSL,0-2CG348.010010
98138Sep 5DET@CHWW,4-2CG359.020020
99139Sep 6DET@CHWW,2-0CG339.000000
100140Sep 7 (1)DETSLBW,5-3CG09.010010
101141Sep 7 (2)DETSLBL,0-3CG409.010010
102142Sep 8DETSLBL,1-4CG389.030030
103143Sep 10DETBOSW,5-4CG379.000000
104144Sep 11DETPHAL,4-5CG09.020020
104gm 1294101432

1942 Fielding Game Log (as RF)

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