Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1992 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1992 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
12 (1)Apr 8CALCHWL,3-4GF41.001010PH 3B
23Apr 9CALCHWL,6-7CG439.050050C
34Apr 10CALMILL,4-5GF31.000000PH 1B
45Apr 11CALMILW,4-1CG379.040040C
58 (2)Apr 14CAL@TEXW,8-1CG339.040040C
610 (1)Apr 16CAL@TEXW,3-2GS338.010010LF
714 (3)Apr 21CAL@OAKW,3-2CG339.081090C
815Apr 22CAL@OAKL,4-10GF113.0000002B
917 (1)Apr 25CALSEAL,6-10GS306.020020LF
1018Apr 26CALSEAW,7-5GF41.020020C
1121 (2)Apr 30CAL@CLEW,8-5CG409.051060C
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1222May 1CAL@CLEW,7-5CG369.070070C
1323May 2CAL@CLEL,2-3CG348.031040C
1426 (2)May 5CAL@DETL,1-2CG328.071080C
1527May 6CALNYYW,3-2CG319.051060C
1628May 7CALNYYW,6-0CG329.030030C
1729May 8CALTORW,4-1CG349.090090C
1831 (1)May 10CALTORL,1-4CG409.030030C
1932May 12CALDETL,2-4CG409.041050C
2033May 13CALDETW,7-5GF132.040040C
2134May 15CAL@BOSL,0-3GF41.010010C
2235May 16CAL@BOSL,0-3GS327.080080C
2336May 17CAL@BOSW,3-1CG369.070070C
2437May 18CAL@NYYL,2-7GF61.010010C
2538May 19CAL@NYYL,4-5GS194.010010C
2639May 20CAL@NYYL,2-3GF194.140040C
2740May 22CAL@BALL,3-5CG378.050050C
2841May 23CAL@BALW,6-2CG349.070070C
2942May 24CAL@BALL,4-6CG388.020020C
3043May 26CALBOSL,1-4GS348.060060C
3144May 27CALBOSL,3-4GF102.010010PH LF
3245May 28CALBOSL,1-2CG379.081090C
3346May 29CALCLEL,2-14CG509.050050C
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3450 (3)Jun 2CALBALL,2-4CG359.051060C
3554 (3)Jun 7CAL@MILL,3-10285.231040PH C
3656 (1)Jun 9CAL@CHWL,2-4CG358.040040C
3757Jun 10CAL@CHWL,2-3GF173.230030C
3865 (7)Jun 19CALOAKL,8-12GF41.000000C
3966Jun 20CALOAKW,10-0CG309.030030C
4069 (2)Jun 23CAL@MINL,3-5GF41.0100101B
4171 (1)Jun 25CAL@SEAL,4-13GF113.010010C 3B
4275 (3)Jun 29CALMINL,1-5GF31.000000C
4376Jun 30CALMINL,0-2GS298.051061C
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4478 (1)Jul 3CAL@TORL,1-10GF51.0000003B
4579Jul 4CAL@TORL,6-8GF61.000000RF
4680Jul 5CAL@TORL,2-6GS307.070180C
4781Jul 6CAL@TORL,0-3GF61.020020C
4882Jul 7CAL@CLEL,1-3GS277.050050C
4983Jul 8CAL@CLEL,4-8CG378.050050C
5084Jul 9CAL@DETL,4-5GF123.020020C
5185Jul 10CAL@DETW,6-1CG369.01110120C
5287 (1)Jul 12CAL@DETW,5-4GS398.050050C
5388Jul 16CALNYYW,3-2CG349.060060C
5489Jul 17CALNYYW,12-4CG369.040040C
5590Jul 18CALNYYW,5-3CG329.041050C
5693 (2)Jul 21CALTORL,5-9CG469.040151C
5794Jul 22CALTORW,5-4CG389.040040C
5895Jul 23CALDETL,2-5GS328.060060C
5998 (2)Jul 26CALDETW,4-3GS337.010010C
6099Jul 27CALSEAW,3-0CG349.052071C
61100Jul 28CALSEAL,1-8CG459.060060C
62101Jul 29CALSEAL,0-8GF51.000000C
63103 (1)Jul 31CAL@TEXW,5-3CG389.040040C
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
64107 (3)Aug 4 (2)CAL@KCRL,1-4GF92.000000PH RF
65108Aug 5CAL@KCRL,2-5GF92.020020C
66109Aug 6CAL@KCRL,6-7GS307.021030C
67110Aug 7CALCHWW,3-1CG359.040040C
68112 (1)Aug 9CALCHWL,8-12368.032051PR C
69113Aug 10CALMILW,4-1CG309.050050C
70116 (2)Aug 13CAL@OAKL,1-4CG328.061070C
71118 (1)Aug 15CAL@OAKL,5-9GS347.030140C
72119Aug 16CAL@OAKL,4-5GF81.110010PH C
73120Aug 18CAL@BOSL,0-8GF112.040040C
74121Aug 19CAL@BOSW,3-2GS327.050050C
75123 (1)Aug 21CAL@NYYW,9-5CG419.060060C
76124Aug 22CAL@NYYL,0-3GF31.000000C
77128 (3)Aug 26CAL@BALL,4-6GS327.070070C
78129Aug 28CALBOSL,1-7GF183.030030C
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
79133 (3)Sep 1CALCLEW,7-6GS193.000000LF
80134Sep 2CALCLEW,3-2GF165.030030C
81136 (1)Sep 5CALBALL,1-4GF51.010010C
82137Sep 6CALBALW,5-2GS287.010010LF
83141 (3)Sep 11CAL@MINW,8-0GS155.000000RF
84144 (2)Sep 15CAL@SEAW,9-0GS185.000000RF
85145Sep 16CAL@SEAW,2-1GS287.000000RF
86146Sep 17CALMINL,1-2GF51.000000PH C
87152 (5)Sep 24CAL@MILL,0-4GF31.000000C
88156 (3)Sep 28CALKCRW,6-5GF41.012030C
89161 (4)Oct 3CALTEXW,4-2GS225.010010C
90162Oct 4CALTEXL,5-9GF31.000000PH RF

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