Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1908 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1908 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 14CLESLBL,1-2CG010.050050
22Apr 16CLESLBL,2-6CG010.061180
33Apr 17CLE@DETW,12-8CG012.051170
44Apr 20CLE@DETW,6-2CG09.000000
55Apr 21CLECHWW,5-1CG09.040040
66Apr 22CLECHWL,0-4CG09.040042
77Apr 23CLECHWW,5-0CG09.021031
88Apr 24CLEDETW,2-1CG09.060280
99Apr 25CLEDETL,2-3GS09.015061
1010Apr 27CLEDETW,3-1CG09.052070
1112 (1)Apr 29CLE@SLBW,6-3CG09.030030
1213Apr 30CLE@SLBL,1-9CG08.023050
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1314May 2CLE@SLBW,3-2CG09.042060
1415May 3CLE@CHWL,0-3CG08.040040
1516May 9 (1)CLEDETW,4-3CG09.040040
1617May 9 (2)CLEDETL,2-5CG06.012140
1719 (1)May 10 (2)CLE@CHWL,0-2CG08.052180
1821 (1)May 13CLE@NYYL,2-7GS0 21030
1922May 14CLE@NYYL,1-3GS02.022040
2023May 16CLE@BOSW,4-1CG09.012030
2126 (2)May 20CLE@BOSW,4-3CG09.070070
2227May 21CLE@PHAL,0-1CG08.011020
2328May 22CLE@PHAW,1-0CG06.022040
2431 (2)May 26CLE@WSHL,2-3CG08.222040
2533 (1)May 28CLE@WSHL,2-8GS0 31150
2634May 29CLESLBL,0-1CG09.031040
2736 (1)May 30 (2)CLESLBW,6-4CG09.052070
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2838 (1)Jun 1CLE@DETW,9-1CG09.021030
2939Jun 2 (1)CLE@DETW,6-5CG09.060060
3041 (1)Jun 3CLE@DETL,1-2CG08.162190
3143 (1)Jun 5CLENYYW,6-4CG09.0820100
3244Jun 6CLENYYL,2-6CG09.041051
3346 (1)Jun 9CLEBOSW,15-6CG09.061180
3447Jun 10CLEBOSL,4-8GF0 20020
3548Jun 11CLEBOSW,2-0CG09.063090
3649Jun 12CLEBOSW,4-2CG09.072090
3751 (1)Jun 15CLEWSHW,2-1CG011.032050
3852Jun 16CLEWSHL,3-9CG09.033061
3953Jun 17CLEWSHW,2-0CG09.050050
4054Jun 18CLEPHAW,3-2CG013.042060
4156 (1)Jun 22CLEPHAL,2-9GS0 32050
4258 (1)Jun 24CLECHWW,6-0CG09.070070
4360 (1)Jun 26CLECHWW,4-2CG09.051060
4462 (1)Jun 28CLE@SLBL,1-6GS0 22040
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4564 (1)Jul 1CLE@SLBW,2-1CG012.060170
4665Jul 2CLEDETL,1-11GS0 31041
4767 (1)Jul 4 (1)CLEDETL,0-1CG09.050050
4870 (2)Jul 7CLE@BOSL,6-8GF0 11021
4971Jul 8CLE@BOSL,0-2CG08.020020
5072Jul 9CLE@BOSW,4-1GS05.011020
5175 (2)Jul 11 (2)CLE@NYYL,2-3GF0 11130
5276Jul 13CLE@NYYW,3-0CG09.051060
5377Jul 15 (1)CLE@NYYW,16-1GS0 22041
5478Jul 15 (2)CLE@NYYW,3-2CG09.031040
5580 (1)Jul 17CLE@WSHW,3-1CG09.040040
5681Jul 18CLE@WSHL,1-3CG08.032050
5783 (1)Jul 21CLE@PHAL,2-4CG08.031150
5885 (1)Jul 23CLE@PHAL,0-1GS0 11020
5986Jul 24CLEDETL,0-4CG09.033060
6087Jul 25CLEBOSL,1-3CG09.012030
6188Jul 27CLEBOSL,3-4CG09.0730100
6292 (3)Jul 31CLENYYW,16-3GS0 33061
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
6393Aug 1CLENYYW,4-3CG09.031040
6494Aug 3CLENYYW,2-0CG09.050050
6595Aug 4CLEWSHW,7-5CG09.021030
6696Aug 5CLEWSHW,12-1GS0 60060
6797Aug 6CLEWSHW,6-1CG09.080080
6898Aug 7CLEWSHL,1-2CG09.040040
6999Aug 8CLEPHAW,5-1CG09.062080
70100Aug 10 (1)CLEPHAW,2-0CG09.023050
71101Aug 10 (2)CLEPHAT,3-3CG08.021030
72102Aug 11 (1)CLEPHAL,1-6CG09.032051
73103Aug 11 (2)CLEPHAW,6-4GF0 10010
74105 (1)Aug 14CLE@NYYW,4-2CG09.041050
75106Aug 15CLE@NYYW,5-4CG011.061180
76109 (2)Aug 19CLE@BOSL,2-7CG08.051060
77110Aug 20CLE@BOSL,4-5CG08.072090
78111Aug 21CLE@PHAL,7-8GS0 02020
79112Aug 22CLE@PHAW,9-1CG09.031041
80115 (2)Aug 28 (1)CLE@WSHL,0-2CG08.030030
81118 (2)Aug 29 (2)CLE@WSHL,0-3CG08.042060
82119Aug 30CLE@DETW,9-1CG09.031040
83120Aug 31CLE@DETW,7-3CG09.031040
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
84121Sep 1CLE@DETW,1-0CG09.041050
85122Sep 2CLE@DETL,3-5GS0 20020
86148 (25)Sep 26CLEWSHW,5-4CG09.052070
87151 (2)Sep 30CLEPHAW,6-1CG09.0721100
88152Oct 2CLECHWW,1-0CG09.041050
89154 (1)Oct 4CLE@SLBT,3-3CG011.060060

1908 Fielding Game Log (as C)

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