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Founded in 2005, the West Coast League (formerly the West Coast Collegiate Baseball League) is a Summer Collegiate Baseball league based in the Pacific Northwest. Comprised of the some of the top college players from across the United States and Canada, the West Coast Baseball League includes teams in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Sanctioned by Major League Baseball and the NCAA, the West Coast Collegiate Baseball League is dedicated to providing increased competition for players entering the MLB Amateur Draft. WCL players come predominantly from the Pac-12, Big West, WCC and WAC conferences but has recently been home to many players coming from the east coast as well. Players live with host families in the same manner as A and Independent League players, and are NCAA eligible and are unpaid in order to maintain their eligibility.

Each team is operated in a similar manner to a professional minor league team, providing players an opportunity to play under the same conditions using wooden bats, minor league specification baseballs, experiencing overnight road trips and playing nightly before fans in a stadium.

The WCL quickly established itself as an elite proving ground for the top aspiring players. After only two complete seasons, 27 West Coast Collegiate Baseball League alumni were selected in the 2007 amateur draft. After only four complete seasons, more than 100 West Coast League alumni were in professional baseball, including a number in the Major Leagues.

Rob Neyer was named league commissioner in May 2018.

In 2021, the Canadian teams did not participate due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Current Teams[edit]

North Division South Division
Team Location Team Location
Bellingham Bells Bellingham, WA Bend Elks Bend, OR
Edmonton Riverhawks Edmonton, AB Corvallis Knights Corvallis, OR
Kamloops NorthPaws Kamloops, BC Cowlitz Black Bears Longview, WA
Kelowna Falcons Kelowna, BC Portland Pickles Portland, OR
Nanaimo NightOwls Nanaimo, BC Ridgefield Raptors Ridgefield, WA
Port Angeles Lefties Port Angeles, WA Springfield Drifters Springfield, OR
Victoria HarbourCats Victoria, BC Walla Walla Sweets Walla Walla, WA
Wenatchee AppleSox Wenatchee, WA Yakima Valley Pippins Yakima, WA
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Former Teams[edit]

Future Teams[edit]

Championship Series[edit]

Year Winner Series Loser
2005 Wenatchee AppleSox 2-0 Bellingham Bells
2006 Wenatchee AppleSox 2-0 Spokane RiverHawks
2007 Moses Lake Pirates 2-0 Corvallis Knights
2008 Corvallis Knights 2-0 Wenatchee AppleSox
2009 Wenatchee AppleSox 2-0 Corvallis Knights
2010 Wenatchee AppleSox 2-1 Bend Elks
2011 Corvallis Knights 2-0 Walla Walla Sweets
2012 Wenatchee AppleSox 2-1 Corvallis Knights
2013 Corvallis Knights 2-0 Wenatchee AppleSox
2014 Bellingham Bells 2-1 Corvallis Knights
2015 Bend Elks 2-0 Kelowna Falcons
2016 Corvallis Knights 2-1 Bellingham Bells
2017 Corvallis Knights 2-1 Victoria HarbourCats
2018 Corvallis Knights 2-0 Kelowna Falcons
2019 Corvallis Knights 2-1 Victoria HarbourCats
2021 Corvallis Knights 2-1 Yakima Valley Pippins
2022 Corvallis Knights 1-0 Bellingham Bells
2023 Corvallis Knights 1-0 Victoria HarbourCats

MLB West Coast League Alumni[edit]

(As of 2023)

Name WCL Team, Year
Ryan Aguilar Cowlitz Black Bears, 2013-2015
Steve Ames Wenatchee AppleSox, 2008
Tyler Anderson Corvallis Knights, 2009
Matt Andriese Corvallis Knights, 2009
Brandon Bailey Wenatchee AppleSox, 2014
Brian Barden Bend Elks, 2000
Wynton Bernard Bellingham Bells, 2010
Shane Bieber Cowlitz Black Bears, 2014
Jake Bird Yakima Valley Pippins, 2015
Sean Bouchard Walla Walla Sweets, 2014
Matt Boyd Corvallis Knights, 2010
Brandon Brennan Bend Elks, 2011
Jeff Brigham Bend Elks, 2011
Seth Brown Bend Elks, 2015
Trevor Brown Wenatchee AppleSox, 2010
Justin Bruihl Walla Walla Sweets, 2016
Dan Butler Bend Elks, 2008
Griffin Canning Wenatchee AppleSox, 2014
Vinny Capra Walla Walla Sweets, 2017
Darrell Ceciliani Bend Elks, 2008
Adam Cimber Kitsap BlueJackets, 2010
Anthony Claggett Bellingham Bells, 2004
Mark Contreras Walla Walla Sweets, 2014
Chris Davis Kelowna Falcons, 2005
Alex De Goti Victoria HarbourCats, 2013-2015
Jonny Deluca Yakima Valley Pippins, 2017
Matt Duffy Corvallis Knights, 2010
Jarren Duran Walla Walla Sweets, 2016
Nick Duron Corvallis Knights, 2015
Jacoby Ellsbury Bend Elks, 2002
Thomas Eshelman Klamath Falls Gems, 2012
Stephen Fife Bellingham Bells, 2007
Jay Flaa Walla Walla Sweets, 2014
Jeff Francis Bellingham Bells, 2002
Jace Fry Corvallis Knights, 2011
Rocky Gale Corvallis Knights, 2007 & 2009
Kyle Garlick Cowlitz Black Bears, 2011
Reed Garrett Yakima Valley Pippins, 2014
Sam Gaviglio Corvallis Knights, 2009
Cole Gillespie Wenatchee AppleSox, 2004
Marco Gonzales Wenatchee AppleSox, 2010
Tyler Graham Bend Elks, 2004
Matt Hague Aloha Knights, 2006
Matt Hall Walla Walla Sweets, 2013
Sean Halton Bellingham Bells, 2008
Caleb Hamilton Cowlitz Black Bears, 2014
Jason Hammel Wenatchee AppleSox, 2001
Mitch Haniger Corvallis Knights, 2010
Tommy Hanson Aloha Knights, 2005
Blaine Hardy Wenatchee AppleSox, 2006 & Bend Elks, 2007
Jeremy Hefner Spokane RiverHawks, 2006
Jim Henderson Kelowna Falcons, 2002
Trevor Hildenberger Bend Elks, 2012
Keston Hiura Wenatchee AppleSox, 2015
Rhys Hoskins Kitsap BlueJackets, 2014
Spencer Howard Bellingham Bells, 2015-2016
Cooper Hummel Cowlitz Black Bears, 2013, Walla Walla Sweets, 2014 & Bend Elks, 2015
Cole Irvin Cowlitz Black Bears, 2012
Andre Jackson Kelowna Falcons, 2015
Alek Jacob Wenatchee AppleSox, 2017
Connor Joe Kelowna Falcons, 2011
D.J. Johnson Corvallis Knights, 2008
Damon Jones Cowlitz Black Bears, 2016
Taylor Jones Wenatchee AppleSox, 2012 & Walla Walla Sweets, 2013
Janson Junk Bend Elks, 2015
James Kaprielian Wenatchee AppleSox, 2012
Ryan Kreidler Wenatchee AppleSox, 2016
Eddie Kunz Bellingham Bells, 2005
Steven Kwan Corvallis Knights, 2016
Ramon Laureano Medford Rogues, 2014
Casey Legumina Wenatchee AppleSox, 2016
Nicky Lopez Bend Elks, 2014
Easton Lucas Walla Walla Sweets, 2015-2016
Nathan Lukes Victoria HarbourCats, 2014
Nick Madrigal Corvallis Knights, 2015
Greg Mahle Corvallis Knights, 2012
Seth Martinez Bellingham Bells, 2014
Phil Maton Kelowna Falcons, 2012
Chris Mazza Bend Elks, 2009
Matt McLain Bellingham Bells, 2018
Wade Meckler Ridgefield Raptors, 2021
Wyatt Mills Kelowna Falcons, 2014 & Yakima Valley Pippins, 2015
Tommy Milone Wenatchee AppleSox, 2006
Garrett Mitchell Walla Walla Sweets, 2017
Brent Morel Aloha Knights, 2006 & Corvallis Knights, 2007
Eli Morgan Yakima Valley Pippins, 2014
Nyjer Morgan Kelowna Falcons, 2000
A.J. Morris Moses Lake Pirates, 2008
Clay Mortensen Wenatchee AppleSox, 2005-2006
Chris Murphy Walla Walla Sweets, 2016
Tommy Nance Cowlitz Black Bears, 2012
Brett Nicholas Kelowna Falcons, 2008
Stephen Nogosek Corvallis Knights, 2013
Bud Norris Aloha Knights, 2005
Riley O’Brien Kelowna Falcons, 2014
Josh Osich Corvallis Knights, 2008
James Paxton Kelowna Falcons, 2007
David Peterson Medford Rogues, 2014
Nick Pivetta Victoria HarbourCats, 2013
Cody Poteet Walla Walla Sweets, 2013
Drew Rasmussen Wenatchee AppleSox, 2015
Evan Reed Bend Elks, 2006
Kevin Richardson Bellingham Bells, 2000 & 2002
Kenny Rosenberg Yakima Valley Pippins, 2014
Michael Rucker Bellingham Bells, 2013-2014
Adley Rutschman Corvallis Knights, 2016
Marc Rzepczynski Bellingham Bells, 2004 & Aloha Knights, 2006
Adrian Sampson Bellingham Bells, 2011
Bobby Scales Aloha Knights, 1997
Paul Sewald Spokane RiverHawks 2009
James Sherfy Corvallis Knights, 2011
Tarik Skubal Kitsap BlueJackets, 2014
Chad Smith Wenatchee AppleSox, 2008
Tyler Smith Bend Elks, 2010
Eric Sogard Bend Elks, 2006
Chris Stewart Aloha Knights, 2001
Kyle Stowers Bellingham Bells, 2017
Andrew Susac Corvallis Knights, 2009
Ty Taubenheim Bellingham Bells, 2002
Ryan Tepera Kelowna Falcons, 2009
Mike Thurman Aloha Knights, 1993
Jess Todd Kelowna Falcons, 2005
Michael Toglia Wenatchee AppleSox, 2016
Pat Valaika Wenatchee AppleSox, 2011
Andrew Vaughn Victoria HarbourCats, 2017
Darius Vines Walla Walla Sweets, 2017-2018
Tyler Wagner Kelowna Falcons, 2010
Mitch Walding Cowlitz Black Bears, 2011
Ryan Walker Corvallis Knights, 2015
Colin Walsh Kelowna Falcons, 2008
Spenser Watkins Kitsap BlueJackets, 2013
Zack Weiss Wenatchee AppleSox, 2010
Taylor Williams Cowlitz Black Bears, 2012
Jake Wong Corvallis Knights, 2016
Eric Yardley Walla Walla Sweets, 2011