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Team History[edit]

The Jupiter Hammerheads, of the Florida State League and briefly in Low-A Southeast, are half of the two farm teams that share their home with another affiliated club. The Miami Marlins farmhands play their home games at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium in Jupiter, FL, which they share with the Palm Beach Cardinals of the same league.

The brand debuted in 1998, but the franchise dates all the way to the 1965 West Palm Beach Braves. That farm club changed parent cities - but not teams - in 1966 when the Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta. The next change was more complete and would last the rest of their time in West Palm: They became the expansion Montreal Expos' High-A team in 1969 as the West Palm Beach Expos.

In Jupiter, the 'Heads continued under the Expos from 1998 through 2001, then moved into the then-Florida Marlins' system in 2002. That exchange was part of a much larger transaction, in which Jeffrey Loria sold the flailing Expos to MLB and used the resulting money and leverage to buy the Marlins, but also got to keep some of the Expos' more valuable assets, including this farm team and a share of its ballpark. When the dust settled, the Marlins had the Jupiter affiliation and the Expos' High-A affiliation went to the Brevard County Manatees, a struggling team that had served as the Marlins' affiliate in the FSL. In effect, although not technically, the Expos and Marlins swapped Florida operations and High-A clubs, with the Expos getting the short end of the stick.

MLB's 2021 Minor League Reorganization lowered the Hammerheads, and most of the FSL, one level.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1998 80-60 4th Doug Sisson Lost in 1st round Steve Phillips Wayne Rosenthal
1999 73-65 5th Luis Dorante Lost in 1st round
2000 61-79 11th Luis Dorante
2001 70-69 4th (t) Tim Leiper Mo Blakeney Ace Adams
2002 81-57 2nd Luis Dorante Lost in 1st round Ace Adams Mike Moore
2003 76-62 3rd Luis Dorante Lost in 1st round Paul Sanagorski Gil Lopez
2004 64-71 8th Luis Dorante Paul Sanagorski Reid Cornelius
2005 64-71 9th Tim Cossins Paul Sanagorski Reid Cornelius
2006 55-80 11th Tim Cossins Darin Everson Reid Cornelius
2007 63-76 9th Luis Dorante Josue Espada Reid Cornelius
2008 74-64 5th Brandon Hyde Anthony Iapoce Reid Cornelius
2009 67-70 8th Tim Leiper Anthony Iapoce John Duffy
2010 46-92 12th Ron Hassey Bobby Bell Steve Watson
2011 60-80 12th Ron Hassey Frank Moore Terry Abbott
2012 74-62 5th Andy Haines Lost League Finals Corey Hart Joe Coleman Rigoberto Silverio
2013 68-69 5th Andy Haines Corey Hart Joe Coleman Rigoberto Silverio
2014 50-87 11th Brian Schneider Corey Hart Joe Coleman Ryan Curry
2015 67-73 8th Brian Schneider Corey Hart Joe Coleman Brendan Sagara / Izzy Alcantara
2016 68-69 8th Randy Ready Frank Moore Jeremy Powell
2017 67-68 7th Kevin Randel Reynaldo Noriega Jeremy Powell
2018 70-64 5th Kevin Randel Daniel Santin Danny Black
2019 54-78 11th Todd Pratt Kevin Witt Reid Cornelius Danny Black
2020 Season cancelled
2021 61-56 5th Jorge Hernandez Ty Hawkins Jason Erickson Frank Moore
2022 62-66 7th Angel Espada Ty Hawkins Glenn Dishman Nathan Mikolas
2023 Nelson Prada Ty Hawkins Glenn Dishman Nathan Mikolas

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