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2014 Italian Baseball League

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Italian Baseball League
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The 2014 Italian Baseball League went with a split season format called "Phases". Eight teams took part in the first phase. After playing 20 games the league would split into two. The top four teams would go into the second phase and the bottom four would play for the Italian Cup, a consolation competition. 2014 featured two teams from Nettuno as Nettuno 2 jumped up from Serie A2 to give the IBL eight teams. This was due to Mastiff pulling out at the last minute. Nettuno were renamed Città di Nettuno. Tommasin Padova made their IBL debut.

Unipol Bologna won the Italian Series, their ninth scudetto. Their lineup featured two former major leaguers, Guillermo Rodriguez and Trent Oeltjen.

First Phase Standings[edit]

  1. Unipol Bologna, 17-3 (Marco Nanni)
  2. T&A San Marino, 13-7 (Doriano Bindi)
  3. Lino's Coffee Parma, 12-8 (Orlando Muñoz)
  4. Rimini, 12-8 (Chris Catanoso)
  5. Città di Nettuno, 8-12 (Claudio Scerrato)
  6. Tommasin Padova, 7-13 (Khelyn Smith)
  7. Godo, 7-13 (Daniele Fuzzi)
  8. Nettuno 2, 4-16 (Guglielmo Trinci)

Second Phase[edit]

  1. Unipol Bologna, 13-5 (30-8)
  2. Rimini, 10-8 (22-16)
  3. T&A San Marino, 9-9 (22-16)
  4. Lino's Coffee Parma, 4-14 (16-22)

2014 Italian Series: Bologna beat Rimini



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