Contact and Media Information was first launched February 1, 2000, because of disappointment with not being able to find historical baseball statistics on the web, and we were not convinced that existing sites were effectively utilizing the hyperconnected environment of the web. We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions and would be happy to consider colloborations with other websites, though time constraints often prevent us from taking part in all of the ventures we would like. Please use our feedback form to get in touch with us.

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Sports Reference LLC is the owner of since December of 2007. Previous to that, it was owned solely by Sean Forman. See the About Page for more information.

Sean used to work as an assistant professor in Mathematics and Computer Science at Saint Joseph's University, and earned a Doctorate in Applied Math and Computational Sciences from the University of Iowa. In May 2006, Sean took a leave from SJU and started working on the site full-time and has since resigned from SJU. To set up a phone call please contact us at Every effort will be made to return your email within 24 hours, though that sometimes may not be possible.

January 10, 2008